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‘Get Them Together’: Ayesha Curry Claps Back at Troll Who Criticized Her Body, and Fans Praise Her For It

Ayesha Curry issued what many are calling a nice clapback after someone insulted her on Instagram.

The author, cook and TV personality shared a photo of herself with her husband Steph Curry on Instagram on Tuesday, Feb. 18. The shot shows the couple spending time in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas. It appears that Steph is the one holding the camera and taking the photo, while Ayesha has her arm around him.


There’s three more shots in that post too. One shows Ayesha doing a little sunbathing, while the other one is another close-up pic of the married couple looking blissful.

“🌊🌞💙🍾 all the things,” Ayesha captioned the post.

“Steph Married to an actual real life farm animal,” someone then wrote in the comments.

“Yes a GOAT I know,” Ayesha wrote back.

Plus, the NBA star’s wife responded to someone who basically called her a hypocrite.

“Weren’t you bashing other women for posting bikini pics? lol,” one person wrote.

@ayeshacurry/ Instagram

“I was talking about someone walking around casually shopping in nipple pasties,” Ayesha wrote in response. “I still find it freaking hilarious. But no one will everrrr know. All good. You’ve got to broaden the thought process on 140 character tweets. It’s not always that serious but I love all of y’all for gassing it to try and find a weak spot.”

There were a lot of people who defended Ayesha afterward and told people to leave her and Steph alone.

“She’s wearing this bikini for her husband. They bullying the wrong person,” wrote someone on Instagram.

“Period Ayesha!!!!!! They will always find something to be mad about. 😍😍😍,” another person stated.

“Why they can’t leave her tf alone,” a third comment read.

Others, meanwhile, said they love Ayesha’s clapback skills.

“I love how she gets them together,” one person stated.

“Ayesha with the fade away 3 pointer 💅🏽,” wrote someone else.

All of this comes shortly after the Currys caused a fuss with another Instagram photo they were seen in. Steph is holding his wife up in the pic and holding her backside. Ayesha has her arms around his shoulders and licks his forehead.


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