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Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett’s Suspension Lifted After He Swung His Helmet at Steelers QB, But Some Aren’t Happy About It

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett received plenty of backlash after a fight broke out between some of his teammates and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That’s because the 24-year-old took off his helmet during the November 2019 melee and swung it at Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Myles Garrett’s suspension has been lifted after he met with the NFL commissioner. (Photo: Jason Miller / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

Afterward, Garrett was suspended indefinitely, but he was reinstated on Wednesday, about 48 hours after he met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Garrett’s suspension lasted a total of six games.

He appealed the suspension after it came down and said Rudolph used a racial slur toward him, which started the whole thing. But Rudolph denied it.

Footage also shows that the quarterback grabbed Garrett’s helmet while they tussled on the ground, and some said he should’ve been penalized too.

“We welcome Myles back to our organization with open arms,” said the Browns general manager Andrew Berry in a press statement.

“We know he is grateful to be reinstated, eager to put the past behind him and continue to evolve and grow as a leader,” he added. “We look forward to having his strong positive presence back as a teammate, player and person in our community.”

Garrett also acknowledged the suspension being lifted when he tweeted a photo of the character John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves.

“But now yeah, I’M THINKING I’M BACK!!!” the message read, which was tweeted on Feb. 12.

Afterward, in the comments, some people said they were happy to see the Browns star back, but others stated the opposite.

The people who still seem to be upset with Garrett also implied that his suspension should remain. Some of those same folks said he should’ve faced criminal charges as well.

“WELCOME BACK CHAMP,” one person tweeted.

“Should be in jail,” another stated.

“Rudolph started it,” a third comment read.

Then someone, who was obviously happy that Garrett’s punishment was over wrote, “We celebrating.”

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