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‘Your Mini Me’: Malaysia Pargo Twins with Daughter and Folks Can’t Get Enough

Malaysia Pargo shared an Instagram photo with her daughter Jayla, which quickly received over 39,000 likes and more than 150 comments.

The shot, which was posted on Sunday, Feb. 9, shows the “Basketball Wives” star and Jayla posing for the camera in front of a fireplace.

@malaysiainthecity Instagram

Pargo is wearing a red leather jacket, a black top, black pants and white sneakers, while Jayla — who isn’t far from reaching her mother’s height — is wearing a black leather jacket, with a pink dress over a pair of jeans.

Jayla is also wearing some unlaced high tops and sporting a pink bag, while she flashes a big smile.

In the caption, Pargo — who used to be married to former NBA player Jannero Pargo — said it was Jayla who gave her the ultimate gift, not the other way around as one would probably think.

“I did not give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you,” wrote Pargo in the comments.

“Your miny me is ADORABLE 😍❤️,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“This is too cute mom and daughter Beautiful ♥️” wrote another follower.

“I love how she dresses( Individuality),” a third person wrote about Jayla.

Then a fourth person referred to the reality star and her daughter as “2 queens ❤️❤️.”

Later that day, the proud mom posted another photo of Jayla in the same outfit, and just like many of her followers did she called her “🎁 My Mini Me” in the caption.

That second post racked up nearly 26,000 likes since it was uploaded with 211 comments left.

“She is a cutie just like her beautiful mom,” one person wrote beneath the photo.

“Oh no so cute. Why do they grow up so quick and right in front of our eyes?” another follower asked.

“Look at the Jacket and jeans with the dress,” wrote a third fan. “Yes I Love this Look. All cute. Smiling. She’s Got it.”

@malaysiainthecity Instagram

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