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‘Crazy About Her’: Steve Harvey Gushes Over Wife Marjorie in Grooming Video

This may be true for some couples:

At the start of a marriage or relationship, they tend to celebrate the big things, like maybe going on an exotic trip or doing something else considered major.

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But as the years go on, couples may celebrate the small, everyday things they do together, which from the outside looking in may seem mundane to others.

Steve Harvey is someone who seems to appreciate those simple moments, because he expressed how happy he was to have his wife Marjorie Harvey by his side as he prepared to face an audience.

The “Family Feud” host shared those feelings in an Instagram video that he uploaded on Wednesday, Feb. 5, and it shows both him and Marjorie grooming themselves in a mirror.

Steve is wearing a black track suit jacket in the clip as he focuses on his famous mustache. Marjorie, meanwhile, who is wearing a white top, is working on her hair.

“This was a really special moment for me man,” wrote Steve in the caption. “Having Marjorie by my side getting ready really helped me to relax before going on stage. #crazyabouther.”

Out of the over 700 comments that were left in the few hours the clip was posted, people said they love seeing the Harveys together.

“This is how dream couples looks like:)😍💖❤️,” one person wrote.

“That husband and wife flex is the best!” wrote another.

“❤️ one of my favorite couples,” a third person commented.

Then there were people who used the short clip as inspiration for their own lives and relationships.

“Waiting patiently for my queen uncle Steve,” one guy stated.

“How I wanna be like this with my husband 😭❤️,” wrote another Instagram user.

Plus, there were people who commented on Steve and Marjorie’s personal grooming style.

“The fact that Sis is using a toothbrush for those edges makes me like her so much more,” one fan wrote.

“I see you bruh. Gots to keep those whiskers sharp,” someone else communicated to Steve.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey jumped the broom in 2007 and share a blended family together.

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