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‘Really?’: Fans Respond After Kenya Moore Says It’s Time for Nene Leakes to Leave ‘RHOA’

Kenya Moore was a guest on “The Real” Wednesday, where she spoke about Nene Leakes and her desire for Leakes to leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which they both co-star in.

It was something that many addressed on social media afterward, and a variety of opinions were given.

Kenya Moore (left) said NeNe Leakes (right) should leave “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and a lot of people weighed in about it on social media. (Photos: Arturo Holmes/WireImage via Getty Images, Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“She’s been on the show for a long time, since the beginning,” Moore told “The Real” hosts. “The last two years have been really hard for her. Spitgate is coming up, where she has issues spitting things at people, including myself.”

“And I just think that’s not the Nene that we fell in love with,” she added. “We want to see the fun, fun-loving homegirl NeNe, and I think maybe it’s just time to take a step back from the show and just, you know, get herself together. She’s done it before, and I think that she needs to do it again.”

Then, on Instagram, people had all kinds of theories as to why the 1993 Miss USA winner wants Leakes to leave the reality series.

Some said that Moore simply wants to be the star, and others believe her comments aren’t attached to a particular agenda, she was just throwing shade.

Then there were some who think Moore is correct and that Leakes should leave the show for her own good.

“Kenya with the shade! Trying to push NeNe off so she can be queen bee 😂,” someone wrote.

“But when she said NeNe have to take [a] break she didn’t [say it] in the bad way, sometimes people need to regroup themselves for better as she said she want old NeNe we all used to love when the show started,” a second person stated.

“Did she lie?” a third viewer of the reality show asked. “Nene is not the girl we fell in love with. I always tell ppl this. Kenya spoke FACTS.”

There was also at least one person who said Moore should stop talking about her co-star altogether.

“For someone who claims to not care about Nene or what she does she sure talks about her ALOT,” someone wrote.

“Really Kenya?” another person commented.

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