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‘Who This Teenager’: Cynthia Bailey Is Drinking From the Fountain of Youth, and Fans Are Shook

Model turned reality tv star Cynthia Bailey has found the fountain of youth as she continues to turn back the hands of time on her flawless beauty.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member is living her best life these days with her soon-to-be-husband, Mike Hill, and the glow of love is written all over her face.

Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey looks as though she turned back the hands of time in youthful photo. @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

Bailey is beaming with happiness as she posed for a selfie beneath the golden rays of the sun in California. With a simple makeup look and two pigtails, the 52-year-old had fans shook with her youthful appearance. Some even stated that she looked her daughter Noelle Robinson’s sister.

“Who this teenager looking good lady😊”

“You look so young”

“Omg! You look 18! Beautiful inside and out 💯”

“Cynthia looking younger on this 1 👏”

Bailey has been spotted more and more in California now that she and Hill are merging their lives. Hill, who works as a sports commentator, lives just outside of Los Angeles, which would explain why the model often ditches the Peach State.

Robinson, 19, flew the coop to attend Howard University after high school but soon realized she wanted to spend more time pursuing an acting career, which required a move to Los Angeles.

As a result, she moved in with Hill, which sparked controversy among fans. Bailey addressed concerns about her daughter living with an older man, stating that Hill’s youngest daughter also lives in the home.

“So it’s not just Mike and Noelle, it’s really the three of them, and we recently just discovered that Ashlee [Hill’s eldest daughter] want to move to L.A. as well so it looks like all the girls are gonna be in L.A.,” explained Bailey.

Hill has also previously spoken out against the harsh criticism of the living arrangements.

“Noelle is like my daughter. Anything that my two daughters have, Noelle can have. That’s how I look at it,” Hill said.

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