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‘I Can Smell the Clorox’: Masika Kalysha’s ‘Pretty Hair’ Post Derails After Fans Focus on Her Skin

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Masika Kalysha is channeling her inner Solange on social media. The 38-year-old Kalysha posted a photo of her thick hair earlier this week with the caption, “Don’t touch my hair.” 

Masika Kalysha rocking her afro on Instagram.
(Photo:@MasikaKalysha Instagram)

While Kalysha was feeling herself, one of her friends made a joke about her skin bleaching.

“I can smell the Clorox from here. I’m about to bleach my skin too. I hate being a dark skin Korean 💆🏻‍♂️🥴,” Ben Baller, an entrepreneur, and podcaster wrote. 

Fans clapped back at Baller for his comment. 

“@benballer You sound like an idiot🙄.”

“@benballer the ignorance! I’m so afraid for your life…”

“@benballer can’t try @masikakalysha like that, bleach or no bleach she a black Goddess. #slickshotz.”

Kalysha chimed in on the fiasco, and said: “@benballer lol they think ur serious 😭.” 

Baller may have been joking with Kalysha, but things continued to escalate in the replies. A user accused Kalysha of bleaching her skin, telling her that she looks lighter than her actual skin complexion. 

“@masikakalysha, you’re not even light skin. You caramel stop the filters lips and all.” 

Kalysha clapped back at the user, and wrote, “damn so you want me to be a natural dark skin black woman with no natural full lips 😂😂😂😩😩😩 your jealousy is filled with ignorance 😂 I’m scared for you.”

The user responded to Kalysha, writing, “no one is jealous is a bitter animal who plays victim get a life.” “I called you out for being a cry baby you are not light skin you’re caramel you want to be light skin I should be afraid of you,” the user added. 

Kalysha decided to let go of the back and forward and ceased responding to the user. However, one fan asked Kalysha what she uses on her hair to make it thicker, and she commented: “😒.” 

The mother of one supposedly found the question to be offensive. Despite the drama in her comments section, other fans flooded the reality star’s comments with compliments. 

“So pretty!! Showed my daughter this, I’m trying to get her to embrace her natural hair. She wants braids or ponytails!”

“Your hair is 🔥.”

“You look gorgeous❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥💯.”

This isn’t the first time Kalysha has flaunted her natural mane. On Dec.29, 2019, Kalysha uploaded a video of herself showing fans the length of her hair. 

“Hair so big it won’t fit in the frame! I can’t believe I did the big chop last year!” 

While she didn’t answer the fan’s question on how she gets her hair to grow, in the video caption, Kalysha wrote she uses Khari Barbie Hair, a stimulating growth hair oil for length and thickness.

Kalysha named the company after her three-year-old daughter she has with rapper Fetty WapKhari Barbie Maxwell.

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