‘Just Disrespectful’: LeBron James Responds to Someone Throwing Something at His Son During Game, Culprit Then Apologizes

LeBron James recently responded to someone who threw something at his son Bronny James on Monday, as Bronny played in Springfield, Massachusetts, with his team Sierra Canyon.

James was also in Massachusetts on Monday since his Los Angeles Lakers faced the Boston Celtics later that night, so he was able to watch his son play.

LeBron James (L) responded to someone throwing something at his son Bronny James (R) during a game in Springfield, Mass. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

A clip that recently surfaced shows Bronny taking out the ball on the sidelines, then suddenly something orange and flimsy hits him in the back.

Right away, the referee stopped the play and called an officer to remove the culprit. But that person wasn’t immediately identified and didn’t have to leave.

James said he didn’t see the object being thrown until later when viewing game video, but had something to say about it after the Lakers and Celtics game concluded.

“It’s just disrespectful, and it was a little kid too,” said James. “I don’t know how old that little kid was, so I don’t know if he learned that on his own, or if he learned it at home.”

“Whatever the case may be, it’s disrespectful,” added the NBA star. “I wonder how old that kid is if he is the age around Bronny’s age or Bryce’s age,” James said of two of his sons. I’d like to see them try that while they’re paying attention.”

James also commented on a slow motion video that showed Bronny being struck.

“Hating has no age limit!,” James tweeted on Monday. “#JamesGang is build for it and well equipped. As we proceed.”

Then on Tuesday, the person who threw the object came forward on video and apologized. The little kid said he threw an orange peel at Bronny because he wanted to get the 15-year-old’s attention.

The child also said he’s a huge Lakers fan, which is evident based on the Lakers pillowcase and comforter he had on his bed.

“I’m sorry @james family for what I did,” said the little boy. “I’m a huge fan and I was just trying to get Bronnys attention … I was calling out Bronnys name and just wanted him to see me. The security never threw me out, they never knew it was me, but my mom still took me home.”

“We knew I was wrong and it’s not a good thing to do,” added the young Lakers fan. “Believe me or not, I want to send out an apology to Bronny, because me and my family discussed it and knew it was the right thing to do.”

James hasn’t responded to the little kid yet, but on Monday he wrote a message to Bronny on Instagram.

“Know I got your back and front throughout it all!” wrote James. “I’d die for you and your siblings. Never waver no matter what disrespect, hate, envy, jealousy, etc comes your way! Only push forward and continue to be the great kid/young man/person you are! Love you kid!! ❤️ #JamesGang👑.”

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