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‘What the F–k’: 50 Cent Blasts His Girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Hainre for Posting Sexy Clip

50 Cent had a little something to say to his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Hainre after she shared a post-workout clip to Instagram. The New York rapper apparently thought the post was too sexy and it should’ve been for his eyes only, not Hainre’s 434,000 followers.

The clip shows 50’s girlfriend wearing small gray shorts and a top that shows her muscular abs.

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50 Cent (left) didn’t seem to like that his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Hainre (right) posted a clip of herself after working out. (Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“i kilt the gym today .. or maybe the gym kilt me 🥴.. but ether way i won ! 💪🏽🥵 #laundrydaydontmindthebed,” wrote Hainre.

Many of her fans sent compliments afterwards.

“Damn i love it,” one of them wrote.

“Pure perfection,” another Instagram user stated.

“Show off sis 💪🏽🙌🏽,” wrote someone else.

50 responded to the post in the comments section and didn’t seem happy at all.

“I just landed now,” he wrote. “now why you gotta be doing sh– like this. you send this to my phone not to instagram, what the f–k.”

@_cuban_link Instagram

Rumors that 50 and Hainre were dating started over the summer, and it seemed to be confirmed when they appeared at the season 6 premiere of “Power” at Madison Square Garden in August of last year.

Some of their Instagram exchanges have caused a lot of chatter too. Like in October when 50 posted a photo of himself and “Power” co-star Joseph Sikora.

“Is it me or you getting finer every post,” Hainre wrote then about Fif.

Under Hainre’s Instagram share, the one that showed her post-workout body, many said they were glad that she kept the post up after 50 said she shouldn’t have uploaded it.

“I like that you kept this up. 50 don’t control you ❤️,” someone wrote.

“Why the f–k would it be a thirst trap,” wrote a second person. “If she into fitness then she showin off wat she do. @50 yu know she aint tryin to f-x wit nobody …. Let her shine.”

Others sent a message to 50 under Hainre’s post.

“Don’t get mad at her 50 she’s actually helping other women, motivating them to do the same. Being n living healthy,” read one of the comments.

Hainre, however, since deleted the post.

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