‘You Have a Baby on the Way’: Safaree Samuels’ Fans Concerned After His Latest Wild Antic

It seems that Safaree Samuels has a lot of people wondering how focused he is on his new baby coming, because of something he did to promote his music.

Samuels and his wife Erica Mena are expecting a baby girl any day now, and on Thursday Samuels, who’s also a rapper, posted a video of himself standing next to a huge billboard in the sky. The billboard was put up in Brooklyn, New York, to market his new album that’s dropping on Jan. 24, and the 38-year-old expressed how proud he is of it.

Safaree Samuels raised eyebrows after he posted a video showing a pretty wild antic. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images)

“Respect the grind that’s all! Flatbush Junction in Brooklyn,” wrote Samuels next to the video. “I was raised here. So this one feels different. I could write a long speech but if you know you know…. BROOKLYN.. Jan 24th I’m independent so imma do what I gotta do‼️🔥”

But in a separate post that shows Samuels standing in front of two billboards, he did write a lengthy message and detailed how the billboards represent a full-circle moment for him. 

“Lemme tell you a story, Flatbush junction,” the New York native began. I went to Midwood HS I worked here at the Flatbush YMCA I worked at McDonald’s here I took the B41 to go everywhere, I took the 2 train to go to work I use to Drive dollla van here I use to go to get set and metro sports to get fly I use to play ball in vandeveer bag girls and all that.” 

“And today someone asked me ‘Safaree how does it feel’ & ‘forget the haters we love you’ and I don’t think it hit me until she said that and I just wanna tell y’all if you have a dream.. Chase it! I’m still on the grind! You gotta respect the grind! I’m independent and I got 2 of the biggest billboards in my hometown!”

In the comments below, many blasted Samuels and said he shouldn’t be standing a bunch of feet up in the air. Mainly because it’s unsafe and irresponsible, considering he has a baby coming. Others didn’t like how Nicki Minaj’s ex made such a big display of having his own billboards.  

“Get off that ledge fool! You have a baby on the way! Smh,” one person wrote.

“Stop being stupid u have a child on the way that’s dangerous,” wrote another.

“Oh my God you’re getting worse and worser what it is baby fever😁,” another person stated.

Plus, a fourth person wrote, “This man is the perfect amount of extra lol.”

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