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White Woman Who Promptly Lost Her Job After Threatening to ‘Kill N—–s’ in Unhinged Rant at CVS Escapes Criminal Charges

A white woman who went on a disgustingly racist rant replete with f-bombs and threats to “kill n—–s” outside a CVS Pharmacy store in Los Angeles won’t face criminal charges.

Heather Lynn Patton was unhinged, jumping up and down and shouting the N-word nearly a dozen times in a bizarre blow up caught on video last year. A hate incident report was taken, and the L.A. City Attorney’s Office evaluated the threats only to let Patton off the hook, TMZ reported.

According to the outlet, Los Angeles police launched an investigation into the incident after the disgraced costume designer was filmed walking into the neighborhood pharmacy and spewing racist vitriol. The case was then handed to the L.A. County DA’s office for charge consideration before being bumped down to the City Attorney’s Office.

Officials there have declined to prosecute Patton, 49, in the incident.

Video of the rant went viral last September when customers recorded her using the N-word and threatening: ” … If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n—–s, they’d all be dead.”

“I hate n—–s,” she’s also heard shouting in the video. 

Heather Lynn Patton was shown on video shouting the N-word nearly a dozen times and threatening to kill Black people Sept. 24 at a Los Angeles CVS. (Screenshot from @TariqNasheed video on Twitter)

Patton would later issue a lengthy apology following backlash from the Hollywood TV and film community, with critics blasting her on social media and posting her home address online. The former costumer, who’s worked on shows such as ABC’s “Private Practice,” was also canned over the incident.

“I have lost my job, which I totally would agree on as well for the reason I have been let go,” she wrote, blaming her behavior on being drunk. “Please allow me to rekindle the love we shall all share amongst each other.”

“African Americans help build this very country that I am living in and I hate that I insulted the millions of them,” Patton continued, adding: “I’ll no longer ask for forgiveness because what I did as a human was very inhumane and disgusting.”

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