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‘Y’all Look Like Sisters’: Kandi Burruss Shocks Fans by Uploading Pic With Celebrity Doppelgänger

Everyone has a doppelgänger, someone who looks like them, and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality diva Kandi Burruss is no exception. 

The mother of three uploaded a photo of herself standing side by side with “RHOA” guest cast member Shamea Morton earlier in the week. “Chocolate drops! My sister from another mister @shameamorton❤️,” Burruss’ caption read.

“RHOA” reality star Kandi Burruss (left) and guest cast member Shamea Morton (right) hanging out after an NBA game.

Fans proclaimed how much Morton and Burruss resembled each other and complimented the two. 

“Definitely look like blood sisters!❤❤❤ #drippinmelaninbeauty.” 

“Y’all sure do look like y’all, Daddy daughters ❤️.” 

“Y’all looking like sisters.”

“For real ..are u sure u guys are really not sisters ❤️❤️.”

“But y’all actually look so much alike In this picture!!”

Morton also uploaded the same photo of her and Burruss. The reality stars attended the Atlanta Hawks versus Indiana Pacers game in Atlanta. 

“My sis @kandi is such a good luck charm.🥰 Hawks win 116- over the Pacers 111 tonight🏀,” Morton wrote before hashtagging, “#chocolate #melanin #winnings#friends #family Shoes: @tagsboutique.”

Shamea Morton post her own photo of her hanging out with “RHOA” reality star Kandi Burruss after the Hawks beat the Pacers.

While Morton doesn’t hold an “RHOA” peach, she has had her fair share of drama on the show with former cast member Phaedra Parks.

Parks alleged that Morton and Burruss had a love affair during season 9 of the show. Parks also spread a rumor that Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker tried to drug and take advantage of cast member Porsha Williams. 

Burruss appeared on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and cleared the air about sleeping with Morton after a caller asked did she sleep with her friend. 

“No. No, I did not,” Burruss said. “And I just thought that was really foul to try to put [Shamea’s] name into this whole drama that they’re trying to throw at me. I just thought it was foul.”

On Parks spreading the rape rumor, she admitted during the reunion that she heard it from an unnamed source. 

“I repeated it because I heard it,” Parks explained. “Something was brought to me. I just repeated it. I repeated what someone told me. I’m not saying I didn’t say it. I’m saying I repeated it.”

“I shouldn’t have repeated it. … I screwed up,” Parks said. “I’m sorry, Porsha … I didn’t know if it was true or not. … If something would have happened to you, I would have been a bad friend,” Parks continued. The lawyer also apologized to Burruss, but the damage was done. 

“I was shocked, angry, disgusted … I could go on,” Burruss said in an interview with

“Even with everything that had happened between me and Phaedra, I still didn’t think Phaedra would go so low as to tell someone that I wanted to drug them. Being an attorney, you would think she wouldn’t intentionally spread defamatory, false statements about someone,” Kandi continued. 

“I’m so glad the truth finally came out, and I’m glad to be able to move on from this. Thank you to everyone who remained #TeamKandi, especially when others were believing the lies!” 

With Morton being added into the drama during season 9, and as she is a close friend with both Williams and Burruss, fans believe that Morton should be holding a peach. 

“Love you guys! Shames should be on the show!!!👍🏽♥️.” 

“I LOVE shamea; She needs a 🍑.” 

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