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‘A 4c Queen’: Doja Cat Blows Fans Away With Her ‘Beautiful and Thick’ Natural Curls

Doja Cat, whose popularity grew after she dropped her 2018 song “Mooo!” on YouTube, has people flipping over footage of herself that she shared.

It surfaced on her Twitter page on Sunday, and people are saying they love her natural hairstyle. The rapper also showed off an outfit she wore, a pink top with baggy white pants, which she displayed by spinning around.

Doja Cat wowed many after showing off her natural hairdo. (Photo: @foxyfractals/Twitter)

But without question, it was the hair that people commented on the most.

“Yassssss a 4c Queen!!” someone tweeted, naming the type of hair texture the 24-year-old showed off.

“Doja has beautiful 4c hair AND she’s flaunting it-made me stan even harder,” wrote someone else.

“She look so different but I stannn the kinks baybeee,” someone else mentioned.

And someone else wrote that Doja’s hair “Is so beautiful and thick!!!!”

One of the posts that showed the Los Angeles native’s hair has already been retweeted nearly 15,000 times, which shows just how much people loved it.

But it seems Doja can do no wrong, because when she shared an Instagram photo of herself rocking braids instead of her natural hair, people complimented that look too.

That particular pic was uploaded a couple of days before Christmas 2019, and it shows Doja in long auburn-colored braids while she sports a sequined bikini top.

In the comments, one person called the rapper “Babymama 🧡.”

And someone else wrote, “The Queen of every hair color, it all looks perfect on you 🌈.”

Plus, there was one guy who said he has a long-term plan when it comes to meeting the “Hot Pink” creator.

“I swear I’m gonna be famous one way or another and when the day comes I’m gonna take u out for dinner 💯,” that person wrote on Instagram.


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