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‘Truly Awesome’: Ludacris Becomes an Official Citizen of African Nation of Gabon

Six years after Ludacris married his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, who’s from Gabon — located on the west coast of Central Africa — he’s become a Gabonese citizen.

The rapper, actor and businessman reportedly made the trip over the holidays and brought his wife, children and mother along with him.

Ludacris is now an official citizen of Gabon, which is located on the west coast of Central Africa. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Then on Thursday, Jan. 2, Ludacris shared a video from Libreville, Gabon, where he talked about the major moves he made. He also seemed very proud and wore a great big smile on his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I just became an official citizen of Gabon,” said Ludacris while showing off his new passport. “I am a loyal citizen of Zamunda. It is the greatest day of my life and Wakanda.”

The “Word of Mouf” rapper also captioned the video and said becoming a Gabonese citizen was the best Christmas gift he’s received in a long time.

“Starting My New Year off with Dual Citizenship! 🇬🇦 AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & Kids Too,” wrote Ludacris. “The Best Gift of the Decade 🥇Award goes to @eudoxie ✊🏽

Over a half a million people have seen the clip already, and a bunch of them have congratulated the 42-year-old. Plus, there were many who said they want to follow in Luda’s footsteps in becoming a citizen of an African country themselves.

“Awesome man truly awesome,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Congratulations and Much Love to you and your beautiful family!” wrote another Instagram follower. “Thank you for Being the Light! ✨Grand Rising Kings & Queens✨✊🏽🖤👑🖤✨🙏🏽✨🌹✨.”

“God bless you Ludacris. You inspire me to go back home to our roots im thinking of Gabon or Ghana Tanzania. I want to build my legacy in the motherland,” a third person stated.

“This is SO DOPE!!!!!!!!!!” a fourth person wrote.

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