‘This Thing Is Really Ticking Me Off’: Tyler Perry Jokingly Reveals What He Thinks Is ‘Fake News’

With racial division, beef between the sexes at times, and tensions rising between the United States and Iran, who couldn’t use a little laugh as a diversion?

Well, in steps Tyler Perry, who provided that laugh, and he did it on Twitter.

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On Jan. 8, the writer, producer and actor posted a photo of a bathroom scale and wrote the words “Fake News,” as if to say he wasn’t happy with what the scale read back.

“Got on my scale this morning and quickly found my sharpie!!” wrote Perry next to the image. “Didn’t want to make a New Years resolution, but this thing is really ticking me off!!! Headed for my three mile run.”

Afterward, in the comments, a lot of people said they not only found Tyler’s post hilarious, but they connected to it in a major way.

“I look at my scale and say, ‘The devil is a lie’ and I go and find me something light to eat,” wrote one of this Twitter followers.

“I’m letting my scale remain in Battery Low mode,” a second person tweeted.

“You gotta hop on and hop off quickly,” a third person suggested.

“Never get on the scale it is not your friend Tyler. Let your clothes tell you,” another person wrote.

Perry has talked about his weight and health in the past. Like in 2018 when he told “Extra” that he stopped eating meat, which made him lose 25 pounds.

And in 2012, Perry said he lost 30 pounds in preparation for his starring role in the film “Alex Cross,” which changed everything for him.

“I walk into a room with a lot more confidence,” he told Men’s Health back then. “I’m owning it. I’m standing up when I walk into a room.”

Perry’s Twitter post that showed the scale has been liked over 4,500 times and it’s been retweeted over 300 times.


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