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‘Bitter’: Nene Leakes Fans Fired Up After Son’s Ex Airs Out the Details of His New House

Nene Leakes loves her two sons, Bryson and Brent, and when it comes to making sure they are happy and cared for she’s more than willing to cut the check, even it means buying a house.

Such was the case when she decided to gift her eldest son, Bryson Leakes, with a home in the Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County for his 30th birthday. As thoughtful as the deed was, it was met with messiness when one of his baby mamas spilled the tea on the house not belonging to her son’s father.

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Bryson’s baby momma with the subtle shade 😩😂

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“So everybody is blowing me up. Yes, Nene bought a house, in her name, for Bryson. Today is his 30th birthday, dirty 30. We’ll see how long that last, that was in her name, not his,” said Davis in her Instagram Story.

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were quick to attack Davis by leaving comments that she was both ungrateful and just trying to be seen.

“Hella ungrateful and bitter”

“She can do whatever she wants to do with her money. She sound dumb for even addressing it”

Davis has been outspoken about her relationship with the 30-year-old in the past, even going as far as posting video of him sleeping on her couch, and calling him out as a drug-addicted “deadbeat” father.

So, with a flurry of people blasting her for airing family business, Davis decided to explain herself by responding to someone in the comments.

“People don’t understand there is a difference in bitter and just speaking truth. Brice has proposed to me 5 times. Me & Nene use to be cool. I’m a single mother in Atlanta & doin it on my own too. Just bc my babydaddy mother is famous, means nothing bc she said from her mouth she doesn’t give a f— about my son (her grandson).”

Davis and Leakes welcomed their son Blaze Kai in 2018. Davis reportedly is one of multiple baby mamas who claim to have a child with the son who is rarely spoken of or seen on the “RHOA.”

The only time reality star Leakes has publicly addressed the drama between her son and Davis is in October 2018.

Interviewed by a blog site, Leakes said, “I haven’t gotten anybody pregnant. I don’t have a penis. I don’t have a child that I don’t know about. … So I don’t know why I’m being dragged into this. Bryson is a grown adult man … and whatever choices he makes, he’ll have to learn from his mistakes. She needs to deal with Bryson. She’s never going to force me to deal with any child. I do what I WANT to do. I didn’t get this age for someone to tell me what to do. She can’t take me to court for child support. She can’t do nothing.”

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