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Nene Leakes Hits Back at Woman Claiming to Be Son’s Baby Mama

Nene Leakes is responding to a woman who claims to have had a child with her son, Bryson Bryant.

Symone Davis aired out her grievances with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star to Radar Online Thursday after alleging in an August Instagram post that she is indeed the mother of a 1-year-old and Bryant is the father. And in October, Davis made another Instagram post claiming she had the chance to star on two reality shows but couldn’t because Bryant didn’t want her to “embarrass him.”

“It’s so sad, she wants nothing to do with her grandson,” Davis told the gossip site of Leakes on Oct. 25. “She’s so selfish, and only cares about herself and her fame.”

“Nene wants to keep my baby a secret,” she added. “She has some nerve and told me she thinks I’m an opportunist and that she doesn’t want me to have any fame from her name. It’s crazy because I used to like her and be cool with her. I’ve been to her house, we’ve partied together. She was cool at first but now that I’ve had a baby by her son, she switched up.”

Davis further slammed Leakes and Bryant, whom she claims has failed to pay child support, on “The Armon Wiggins Show” Friday claiming Leakes is prohibiting Bryant from seeing son Blaze Kai Davis despite Bryant being an adult. Still, David wondered why Leakes wasn’t helping Bryant financially support Blaze.

“I’m not saying Nene is obligated to take care of him, Nene comes into play because Nene is Bryson’s mother. He’s broke but she’s rich. Why is he broke sleeping couch to couch and his mother has a lot of money?”

But Leaks didn’t stand for it. She later called in herself and said Davis might want to prepare to head to court.

“I do not know Symone. In fact, I think Symone should be very worried about getting a lawsuit because she’s made several defamatory comments,” she said. “If she has a child with Bryson, it is not my child, it’s not my responsibility, I do not have to do anything I do not want to.”

Leakes admitted she does “remember seeing her once” at her youngest son’s birthday party, but Davis has never been in her presence.

“If she’s been in my home she’s been in my home when I was not there … I feel bad for Symone,” she added. “I think she’s extremely thirsty. I think she wanted to be on the show. I think she met Brys and wanted to be with Brys because she saw Nene.”

After saying Davis’ issue is that she wants her to be in Blaze’s life, Nene slammed Davis for coming on the program and dissing her in order for the RHOA star to support the baby. Then, Leakes made the following declaration after Davis claimed she had met her before.

“You want to know me and you will never know me — never! And if I ever was in your company, please understand, you will never be in my company again. Never! Thank you and goodnight!”

Fans, meanwhile, gave their own thoughts.

“Nene could have met her a few times but that doesn’t mean she KNOWS her. Sometimes young boys have lots of HOs and mommas can’t keep up. 😂”

“It doesn’t matter if she knows the girl or not, the girl doesn’t have a right to defame her name and disrespect her.”

“Nene is going to cuss Bryce ass out for years.”

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