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‘The Grinch Has Stolen Your Waist’: Evelyn Lozada Flaunts Slim and Trim Figure in the Snow

It was a very merry Christmas for Evelyn Lozada and her family as they took to the Colorado snow for the holiday, and fans who were left to gawking at a winter wonderland photo of Lozada.

From her 2010 introduction to the “Basketball Wives” franchise in Miami, fans have only ever seen Lozada’s body undergo one major transformation — her pregnancy with son Carl Leo Crawford Jr., whose father is former MLB star Carl Crawford. Aside from that, she has maintained a flat and toned tummy and overall slim and trim figure. And fans took notice as the former wife of NFL wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson posted up in a snowsuit on Instagram.

Evelyn Lozada showcases her figure snow suit. (Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram)

“Even in a snowsuit everything looks good”

“The Grinch has stolen your waist 😍😍”

“You stay looking beautiful 😘”

“See, just sexy 💯🔥🔥”

Lozada often posts photos showcasing her curves in athleisure attire, casual ‘fits that remind fans of her New York roots, and bikinis. But even when fully clothed the Fashion Nova ambassador still racks up likes and comments about her beauty and overall aesthetic.

“Everything you wear looks good on you”

“You are just so do not age 🔥🔥🔥”

The former co-owner of Miami shoe boutique “Dulce” is a veteran to dressing up her feet. So it should come as no surprise that she recently partnered with ShoeDazzle and launched her new collection Castle Hill Collection.

Lozada says the collection is “named after the place that raised me, the Castle Hill Collection is bringing all the swag this boot season!”

Along with the collection, Lozada also has a six-part content series on YouTube titled “Walk in My Shoes.”

“Lets get it. New contracts. New bags. New chapters 🗽”

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