‘How Dare He?’: Kandi Burruss Fans Slam Husband Todd After They Discuss Newborn Taking Over Kaela’s Bedroom


There’s a lot of discussion going on about Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker‘s relationship with their children.

On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Tucker’s 23-year-old daughter Kaela Tucker moved out of their Atlanta home to pursue her fashion designer dreams in New York. However, her decision to move out came shortly after she had a heated discussion with her father about their strained relationship. Not to mention Burruss also wanted Kaela to give up her bedroom for their newborn daughter Blaze Tucker, considering that there were more bedrooms in the house.

Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. (Photo: kandionline/YouTube)

Several “RHOA” fans felt Tucker and Burruss practically forced Kaela out of their home, although that clearly wasn’t the case.

“Well the way our house is set up … There are three bedrooms, which was Ace, Kaela and Riley’s,” Burruss explained on her Kandi Online YouTube channel. “Since Kaela is the oldest and she has talked about moving out eventually, I asked Kaela if she would mind if the baby took her room. … So that’s why.”

Burruss explanation about her stepdaughter comes a few days after Todd and Kaela were shown having a heart-to-heart discussion about their relationship. Kaela blasted her father for being emotionally closed off to her.

Todd said he planned on improving his relationship with his 23-year-old daughter. He was absent for majority of her life until 2011, when Kaela’s mother revealed to him he had a daughter. The father-daughter duo have been working on their relationship since.

Tucker touched on his relationship with his daughter during Burruss’ YouTube segment and said, “Yeah, I give her love. … Filming with your children is a little tough. … Sometimes I try to fall back because I don’t want to say the wrong thing or hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Despite Burruss and Todd explaining their current status of their relationship with Todd’s 23-year-old daughter, fans still felt the father of three was being too hard on his oldest child.

“So….Todd can take his daughter to the strip club and spend spend on strippers…in her presence…but you want HER to experience struggle 💯 ? Like…what if she became a stripper? Anywho…black folks have got to get off of this I struggled…you struggle issh! No other race wholeheartedly does that! He didn’t pay the dues to be where the hell he is…truth be told…so how dare he! Your daughter needs to be used to the “good life” so that she is motivated to maintain that.”

“Am happy she’s away from Todd …. If he was my dad I would feel press too especially seeing how he’s so loving with my little brother and ass hole with me…..”

“I understand Todd but he needs to show her more love. Why is she being forced to take care of her bills within this family? From the outside looking in, it can look like she is the outsider. Riley doesn’t have to want for nothing so why does Kaela. I think all kids should be treated the same and Todd shouldn’t allow his daughter to be treated as such. That makes me uncomfortable.”

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