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‘Too Cute’: Toya Wright’s Baby Girl Leaves Fans in Stitches with Her Sweet Etiquette

Cuteness was on full display when Toya Wright shared a couple of videos that showed her 1-year-old daughter Reign Rushing having fun inside a store, specifically the bathroom fixtures section.

Sporting a dark-colored hooded poncho, the little one can be seen playing inside an empty tub that was on display. Rushing had her shoes off as well, which she seemed to communicate to her mom. Wright posted the clip to her Instagram page on Wednesday.

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Toya Wright posted the cutest video of her daughter Reign Rushing that people said they enjoyed. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Why you took your shoes off?” she asked her daughter.

“I don’t know,” Rushing answered.

“Oh, boy,” the 36-year-old mom said afterward.

And in the caption, Wright wrote, “Who told you to take your shoes off and get in these people tub @reign_beaux 😩😩.”

She also shared a clip of Reign walking in what appears to be another section of the store, since an oven can be seen on display. The little one seemed to walk down the aisle with sheer confidence and a bit of swagger.

Over 100,000 people said they liked the clip, and more than 2,000 left comments.

“😂😂😂 Lol and she said I don’t know…. too cute,” one of Wright’s followers wrote.

“I think that one is a winner! She already picked which one she likes🤣🤣😭,” wrote another fan about the tub the toddler was seen in.

“Kids do the craziest things it takes just a sec for them to get into something,” a third person stated.

And there was more than one person who said Reign should get credit because she already knows proper etiquette as far as shoe removal goes.

“Lol !!! But at least she knows not to get in the tub with shoes on … grown people still putting their feet on people’s couches 😂,” one person commented.

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