‘It’s Sickening’: Keyshia Cole Fans Shower Her with Support After She Talks About Nose Job Rumors

Keyshia Cole recently addressed old rumors about her undergoing plastic surgery on her nose.

This happened after social media sensation Jay Versace opened up a dialogue about Afrocentric features being criticized in Black culture.

“I didn’t know my nose wasn’t socially accepted until I joined social media,” Versace tweeted on Dec. 9. “When niggas started pointing out that I had a big nose I was actually surprised cause I thought I looked fine.”

Several folks showered Versace with support and encouragement, including Cole.

The 38-year-old crooner chimed into the conversation and posted a photo of her unfiltered nose. She claimed fans falsely spread rumors about her getting a nose job.

“People said I got a nose job when I let the fist makeup artist contour my nose,” she tweeted.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. @keyshiacole/Twitter

Cole’s fans showered her with support and applauded her for trying to make a point about societal beauty standards.

“Hey Keyshia. People will bring light to the most irrelevant things. Its sickening. Who gives af about a nose? You’re gorgeous,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “You came to the scene a Angel and they want to change such a beautiful being into a monster. Your nose was sent from heaven.”

Keyshia Cole attends 2012 Black Girls Rock! at the Paradise Theater on Oct. 13, 2012, in New York. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Cole’s nose job discussion comes days after she received backlash for slapping down rapper OT Genasis’ recent remix to her 2005 hit single “Love.”

She called OT’s rendition “Not Cool,” and even threatened to remove her original song from iTunes. After coming under fire on her apparent “bitter” remarks, Cole finally explained her reasoning behind her attitude and tweeted Monday, Dec. 9, “You kno. Once a artist creates something so close to the heart, we release it to the world. And no matter if that makes you laugh,cry, sing or all three. It’s been released. It’s you guys now. That song was very personal me, because it CHANGED MY LIFE. Maybe I did care 2 much.”

OT hasn’t expounded on Cole’s latest response.

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