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‘Appalling and Disappointing’: Bill Cosby’s Appeal in Sexual Assault Case Denied; His Wife Camille Cosby and Reps Slam the Courts

Bill Cosby wasn’t successful in his attempt to get a Pennsylvania appeals court to overturn his aggravated indecent assault conviction, and one of his reps called the decision “appalling.”

Cosby’s legal team filed the appeal in June, and they argued the testimony given by five women in the case involving Andrea Constand wasn’t pertinent because it was over 15 years old. They also stated the womens’ allegations didn’t match Constand’s claims.

Bill Cosby’s appeal for his aggravated indecent assault conviction has been denied. (Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AFP via Getty Images)

The five women — one being the model Janice Dickinson —told the court that Cosby sexually assaulted them after giving them something.

Constand is the former Temple University worker who said the disgraced comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004, which a jury believed.

Cosby was then found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. He’s now locked up at SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, the appellate court said the women’s testimony was relevant because it laid out Cosby’s “unique sexual assault playbook.”

Cosby’s legal team responded to the decision Tuesday on the 82-year-old’s Instagram page.

“This news of the Superior Court denying Mr. Cosby’s appeal is appalling and disappointing, but it shows the level of corruption that resides in the Judicial System of Pennsylvania,” the message reads.

The “witnesses should have never being allowed to offer testimony in Mr. Cosby’s trial because they had no similar interests with Andrea Constand; and most importantly, Mr. Cosby’s deposition should have never been considered at the trial,” it continued. “It’s obvious that these judges’ minds were made up because they didn’t take the time to dissect Mr. Cosby’s appeal.”

On Cosby’s Twitter page, his wife Camille Cosby also issued a statement.

“When are we the people of the United States of America going to end the acceptance of overall corruptions?” she stated. “I can assure you that our personal battle against clear, racist, incestuous vindictiveness within the Pennsylvania criminal justice systems is not over,” she said. “Reform is a soft word; the action word ‘purging’ is what needs to be done.”

In February, Cosby referred to himself as a political prisoner. He also said he was convicted for his political beliefs and trying to “humanize all races, genders and religions.”

Camille Cosby. @BillCosby/Twitter

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