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‘Cheating Already?’: Social Media Accuses Apryl Jones of Cheating on Lil Fizz After She’s Spotted ‘Kissing’ Another Man

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Apryl Jones is currently at the center of controversy.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Jones hugged up at a club with rapper FBG Baby Goat. The footage showed the pair at a club drinking and talking. The rapper was slightly leaned against Jones’ shoulder when she was depicted kissing him on the forehead.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones with Lil Fizz (left), and FBG BabyGoat with Apryl Jones (right). (Photos: @airfizzo/Instagram, @worldstar/Instagram)

The video caused commotion on social media, seeing as Jones is in a relationship with B2K rapper Lil Fizz, the band mate of her ex-boyfriend Omarion Grandberry.

Fans immediately flooded Jones’ social media pages and accused her of cheating on Fizz.

“Cheating already?! Damn lol. She belongs to the streets 🤷🏾‍♀️ ain’t nobody changing that #guilty.”

“I know u didn’t cheat on Fizz gurl. Have some self respect, she’s lost her dam mind! Stop d–k hopping.”

Jones and Fizz have yet to address the cheating rumors.

The couple’s mutual friend and “LHHH” cast mate Apple Watts claimed Jones wasn’t cheating on Fizz and that the video footage circling the internet was from an old music video shot months ago.

Apryl Jones
Apple Watts. @applewatts_lhh/Instagram

“She was not cheating on him [Fizz]. I was there,” Watts said in an Instagram video over the weekend. “We were shooting a music video and that’s basically it. … There’s nothing else going on in the video. … They’re not f–king each other.”

FBG Baby Goat blasted blogs for “reaching” and wrote on Saturday, “Mane keep my name out y’all blogs .. n keep y’all b–chs on a leash 🐐🔒 FBG. … Keep reaching.”

For months, reports claimed Jones and Fizz were dating, although they both denied the rumors. After keeping their relationship covert, the couple eventually confirmed their love on the show and received backlash.

In addition to the many fans that disapprove of Jones and Fizz’s relationship, B2K singer J-Boog also seems to be against it.

Grandberry, on the other hand, isn’t the least bit fazed by the pair’s relationship.

“I don’t feel no ways,” the lead singer of B2K said in a recent interview with Vlad TV. “I don’t feel any way about it. I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. … I think they should change the narrative though.”

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