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‘Hot Gyal Shanti’: Ashanti’s ‘Golden’ Pic Got The ‘Gram Going Crazy

Ashanti is still that chick, and her latest picture posted on Instagram reminded those who might have forgotten.

(Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

The photo captioned “I kept writing & deleting my texts … then I said *%^k it ima just take some pics …” racked up for more than 107,000 likes.

The “Oh Baby” singer was far from scantily clad but still the unquenched thirst of men in her comments overflowed.

“Ashanti you look amazing!”

“You look gorgeous, but I didn’t get your text message.”

“You got it ma. Hands down.”

“U should’ve just texted me baby,” and the list goes on and on.

Women weren’t far behind in expressing their adoration of the former Murder Inc. princess.

“Hey fav looking golden sis!!!”

“Okay, you just playing with us at this point”

“Hot gyal Shanti!!!”

Those who follow the Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter know she is no stranger to posting pics that make fans do a double take.

“Boss b*tch whip I pul up cause a frenzy…no scratch on it no Spud no McKenzie.” (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

Her last thirst trap came from a photo shoot for the cover of Tory Lanez‘s album “Chixtape 5.”

“Kilt the net twice in one day huh?”

“Oh my d***n”

“Stop you are hurting them haters.”

The songstress recently collaborated with the “Say It” singer on “A Fools Tale (Running Back to You).” The record blew away longtime fans who have been patiently awaiting more new music from the platinum-selling artist.

“Sampled foolish and featured you on the record plus the cover of the album legendary,” a fan commented.

Ashanti’s last studio album, “Braveheart,” was released in 2014 through her independent label Written Entertainment. Since then she has released numerous singles and reunited with rapper Ja Rule for an across-the-globe tour featuring some of the duo’s fan favorites like “Always On Time,” “Mesmerize,” and “Down 4 U” from the early 2000s.

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