See the Alexis Skyy Photo That Is Giving Fans the ‘Chills’


The “Love & Hip-Hop” star Alexis Skyy just introduced a new hairstyle that a lot of her followers seemingly approve of.

In a video she posted on Friday, the 25-year-old can be seen sporting a light denim jacket with a blue hued bob. She also gives the camera a few model stares to show the new look from different angles.

“Dora vibes 🥶🥶🥶 Hair @hairbyhim_Hair @kendrasboutique,” wrote Skyy next to the clip, presumably comparing herself to the animated Nickelodeon character Dora the Explorer.

The comment section was flooded with fire emojis afterwards, and even though some said they prefer Skyy with long hair, many said they adored the new look, especially the hair color.

“Always knew blue would look good on you!!!😍😍😍💙💙💙👀👀,” one of Skyy’s followers wrote.

“Giving me chills !!” another stated.

“I’m in love 😍😍😍😍 you can do no wrong in my eyes 👀 @alexisskyy_ this bob is bomb 💣 just like you 💖,” a third fan commented.

“Beautiful hair for a gorgeous black Queen like you @alexisskyy_❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote a fourth.

Alexis Skyy revealed a brand new look that many approved of. (Photo: Prince Williams / WireImage via Getty Images)

But the newly posted Instagram video is far different than the one Skyy shared on Nov. 9, where she admitted to being a victim of human trafficking. In that clip, the New York native issued a warning to women and said they should travel with at least one companion for safety reasons.

“It’s been sitting on my heart all night to really make this video, and really let you guys know that it is not okay to be by yourself,” she said. “I am a victim of human trafficking if you did not know.”

Skyy also addressed the subject of safety and human trafficking in the video’s caption space.

“Atlanta, GA is one of the top 5 cities for human trafficking in the US. Please be safe out here and watch your surroundings!” she urged. “Always trust your gut! If you observe something strange, PLEASE REPORT IT! I’ve never spoken about this, but I seriously felt compelled to share my story because it can happen to any of us.”

But on a lighter note, Skyy’s blue hair video has been viewed over 80,000 times in five hours and nearly 400 people commented on her new look.

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