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‘GUHHNY’ Stars Jojo Simmons and Young Dirty Bastard Share How They’re Carving Their Own Paths Outside of Their Famous Fathers

Jojo Simmons and Young Dirty Bastard are the sons of two hip-hop/rap heavyweights, but that doesn’t mean the two stars are relying on their famous lineages to make a way for themselves.

Simmons is the oldest son of Run-D.M.C. DJ Rev. Run, while YDB, whose real name is Barsun Jones, is the youngest child of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard — if his stage name wasn’t any indication.

The two spoke to Atlanta Black Star in October and shared their journey on the We TV series “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York” and how they’ve managed to strike out on their own.

“You can just expect to just see kids just trying to make it, kids trying to make they own path,” Simmons shares of what’s to come on the show, airing now. “Trying to walk the glory to do what they want to do. You’ll see it’s not all hugs and kisses with some of these kids. There’s pain on this show. But there’s still love, and it’s comedy and it’s a fun time.”

“‘Growing Up Hip-Hop’ can get real crazy sometimes,” YDB adds. “It can get real interesting as well so I just think you gotta keep your ears and eyes open. ‘Cause we all bring a different —”

“Dynamic,” Simmons chimes in. “There’s a lot of talent on the show, too.”

“Don’t think we were chosen for no reason,” YDB affirms.

jojo simmons
Young Dirty Bastard (left) and JoJo Simmons (right). (Photos: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for We TV, Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

It’s clear YDB’s talent is part of the reason he was tapped for the “GUHH” franchise. He’s released music at least since 2011, and recently he dropped a single called “Bar Sun” on Nov. 16, which would have been dad ODB’s 51st birthday.

While ODB’s rap style is wilder, his son, who has toured with ODB’s group Wu-Tang Clan, pounds his lyrics with assertive yet controlled delivery as he spits, “Correct me if I’m wrong, the storms come before the calm.”

And YDB has also taken a step into the beer business while he manages to pay homage to his dad. His representative Avery “Msartistry” told TMZ Wednesday that the rapper put $60,000 to make his childhood dream of releasing a brew come true. Young Dirty Brew honey ale is also meant to pay homage to his dad, who enjoyed sipping a cold one.

As for Simmons, he’s launched a lifestyle brand for fathers called Daddy Committee. While it includes clothing, there’s also a message behind it.

“I wanna push the narrative that being a dad is the coolest job in the world to have,” the father of one previously told Atlanta Black Star. “I just wanna show everybody you can still be cool and be a dad. You can still go out and have fun, but be a dad.”

Still, he’s not done with music altogether. He has a record label, Whose House Entertainment, where he says he’s seeking a variety of talent.

“I don’t wanna just be a hip-hop label,” he said, noting he wants artists from a variety of genres from rock to country. “I don’t wanna be put in a box. I wanna be like one of those Warners and those Universals where they sign all type of acts.”

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