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‘Dude Still Looks 12’: Fans Are Shocked Over Rev. Run’s Younger Son Russy’s Appearance After Rapper Wishes Him a Happy Birthday

Rev. Run’s youngest child Russell Simmons II is all grown up.

The rapper posted a throwback photo of his son posing with a basketball on Aug. 30, to give him a shoutout on Instagram for his birthday. On the photo he wrote, “THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE 25 TODAY HAPPY BDAY RUSSY,” and added, “Happy Bday Russy. Love you !!!!!!”

Rev Run (center) and the Simmons Family attend the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund – Dallas Rocks Benefit Dinner on November 14, 2009 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Russell, who goes by Russy, himself, who seems to keep a low profile, did not make a post on his birthday. In fact, he apparently is not a big fan of social media just like several of Rev. Run’s sons. He only has 10 posts, and his big brother Joseph Simmons Jr. has only 30 posts. His other older brother, Diggy Simmons — while he has more posts than both of his brothers combined —  he too isn’t that much of a social media user. He only has a total of 65 posts.

In former rapper Rev. Run’s comments, fans expressed their thoughts over how much Russell has grown and how much he looks the same. One person wrote,”OMG Russy is 25!!???!!!??? This makes me feel old as dirt!! He was just 8 years old like a year ago😂 Where did thw time go??? Happy Birthday Russy!!” Someone else said, “Dude still looks 12.”

Throwback photo of Russell Simmons II and current photo of him (Photo: @revwon/Instagram) and (Photo: @russy_simmons/Instagram)

Another fan said Russell was beginning to look like his oldest brother Joseph, whose nickname is Jo Jo. “Can’t believe how old you are now, you look like Jojo these days. Just a Runs house fan here,” that person wrote. Jo Jo, who is a rapper, joined in on the comments to show his little brother some love, typing “Big Russy.”

Since he did not post about it, it’s not clear what Russell might have done to celebrate his 25th birthday. Besides Diggy, 25, and Jo Jo, 31, Russell has two older sisters: Angela Simmons, 33, and Vanessa Simmons, 38. After losing their baby girl, Victoria Anne Simmons, a few days after Rev. Run’s wife Justine gave birth to her, the couple decided to adopt their next baby girl named Miley Simmons.

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