‘I’ll Call the Police!’: Woman Dials 911 After Accusing Man Visiting His Aunt of Entering Her Apartment Building for Thievery

In a caught-on-camera moment, a New York City man showed a white woman calling the police after her suspicions about his presence at her apartment building were sent into overdrive.

Alfredo Sandoval identifies himself on Instagram as a real estate developer and serial entrepreneur. He was attempting to visit his aunt with his two children over the weekend when a white resident prohibited him from entering.

“Who are you here for? You’re lying!” the woman tells Sandoval, who insists his aunt lives on the second floor. “Just say the name. … Get your foot out of here. I’ll call the police! … Step out of here now!”

Sandoval says his aunt has been living in the building for 60 years and notes the unnamed woman is not the manager of the building. As she speaks to the dispatcher, she continues to press him about his aunt’s identity.

“He will not leave the premises, he won’t tell me who he’s here for,” the woman says.

“Why? … I’m going to visit my aunt … I do not have to tell you anything!” Sandoval replies.

The woman tells the dispatcher there’s been “a lot of theft” in the area and proceeds to describe the man’s appearance.

Sandoval uploaded the interaction in a series of videos posted on Instagram beginning on Sunday.

“I exercised patience in a situation that was not deserving,” he wrote in the caption of one of the clips. “I issued tolerance in the face of evil and I gave respect when it was not offered to me or my children. This is not America or American. This behavior is deep seeded hatred and intolerance towards people of color and Latinos. I post this video because my children had to bear witness of this hate. I ask all my friends to please share this persons repulsive and inhumane behavior. When they go low, we go high. The World has no space this type of hate.”

He also included several hashtags like #LoveOverHate #Equality #RacismInAmerica #ABetterTommorow and #ABetterUnitedAmerica.

alfredo sandoval
Alfredo Sandoval (left) and a woman who allegedly discriminated against him. (Photos: @iam.alfredosandoval/Instagram)

The final set of footage Sandoval uploaded saw Sandoval continue to go back and forth with the woman over why he was at the building.

“It’s not your business! It’s none of your business!” he tells the woman after one of his children speaks up and she addresses them. “You’re so nasty. I’m visiting family!”

The since-deleted footage didn’t reveal whether or not police ultimately arrived on the scene, but Sandoval filled in Baller Alert about what happened once the video cut off.

“The police didn’t show up,” he said on Nov. 18. “My aunt was not home and this lady followed us upstairs. She clearly knows that my aunt lives there & is Hispanic from Dominican Republic. I am consulting with legal to determine next steps. I will keep you posted. This really needs to stop! My kids are traumatized.”

Meanwhile, those in Sandoval’s comments section have been sharing their opinions.

“I am so sorry you and your beautiful children were exposed to undiluted evil and hatred. Kudos to you for being so patient with the devil..smdh.”

“This could have been solved had you called your aunt and she came down to get you and your kids🤷🏽‍♀️”

“I would’ve just went in the dam building🤷🏻‍♀️”

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