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White Woman Calls 911 on Black Man, Accuses Him of Being Drug Dealer as He Sits Outside His Own House

A Black man was sitting in his car outside of his own house when a white woman approached him and called the police, accusing him of being a drug dealer. In a June Facebook post, Jeremy Fortner explains that he was “verbally attacked” by a woman as he sat on the shoulder of a private street. Fortner captured a portion of the incident, which is believed to have occurred in Anchorage, Alaska, in a video that has been viewed thousands of times.

In the video, the Fortner is heard saying that he is waiting for his son to come outside and join him as the woman begins questioning him.

Jeremy Fortner/ Facebook

“Didn’t think this would happen to me,” Fortner says at the start of the video as gets out of his vehicle. “I’m at my house … This lady’s at my house saying I don’t live here.”

The woman can be heard saying that she called the police and that they are “on their way.”

The woman stands on Fortner’s porch as he enters his home. One of the people inside the home can be heard laughing, saying, “He lives here.”

“You’re crazy, lady. Another white lady pulling some more bull crap,” Fortner says, just before the woman quickly walks off.

“She called the police already,” Fortner says.

“F-ck you!” the woman yells from a distance.

“F-ck me? Why are you talking like that? There’s children out here. What’s wrong with you?” asks Fortner. He then explains again that he was waiting for his son to come outside, before the woman makes an accusation.

“You’re a f-cking drug dealer!” she screams.

“Did you hear that? I’m a drug dealer. Wow,” Fortner responds. “Amazing. You see this stuff on the internet all the time but you never think it’s gonna happen to you at your own house. But there it is.”

In the comments section below the post, users dubbed the woman a “Karen,” with one user calling her the “Alaskan Karen,” and another exclaiming, “Karen strikes again!”

This incident comes as videos of racially-charged conflicts involving whites, in many cases white women, calling police on Blacks for frivolous reasons continue to go viral across the internet in a climate of heightened racial tension.

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