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‘Hot Mess Express’: LHHH Fans Defend Moniece Against Apryl Jones, Fizz, and Jess Hilarious in Recent Drama

The drama between Moniece Slaughter, Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones just keeps unfolding on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

On Monday night’s episode, Jones received a visit from Instagram comedian and one of her former besties Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore after the two had gone five months without speaking to each other. For those who don’t know, Moore was busted badmouthing Jones to Fizz’s ex-girlfriend and “baby mama” Slaughter.

Moore claimed she and Jones had a big falling-out after the mother of two refused to return her phone calls and text messages. Why they stopped communicating is unknown, but it’s clear Moore was highly upset and decided to confide in Jones’ archenemy, Slaughter.

Slaughter recorded her and Moore’s smack-talking conversation about Jones and played it for the world to hear.

“One night [Apryl] was f–king with ——. She was thirsty for this n–ga too. She told Dreux, ‘He’s my prototype, this is who I wanna be with.’ Fizz sittin’ there looking dumb as s–t — ain’t sayin’ nothin.’ Why you puttin’ up with this s–t?” Moore ranted on the voice recording. “From one of your band member’s baby mothers, n–ga? You stupid, or nah? She got Dreux’s dumb ass tucked off … and he just there watching her kids and s–t. Doing everything for her. F–k outta here, n–ga.”

Apryl Jones
Moniece Slaughter plays Jess Hilarious nasty voice recording about Apryl Jones. @vh1

“When Moniece released those nasty voice notes, I just could not describe how angry and disgusted I was,” said Jones. “I’d rather not have any friends if this is what I’ll have to deal with. It’s making me feel like I can’t trust people.”

Moore doubled-down on her foul remarks about Jones and blamed Slaughter for dragging her into their the trio’s drama.

“So one day, Moniece called me and she’s like, ‘Hey, so what’s going on with [Apryl and Fizz]? And so she gets to ventin’ about you, I get to ventin’ about you,” Moore said, apologizing to Jones for the back-biting.

Jones, who still believes Slaughter is in love with Fizz, accused her boyfriend’s ex of living for “drama” and doing “whatever” to cause friction between them. Fizz seconded his girlfriend’s remarks and called the mother of his child “sick.” Jones made amends with Moore, but not before they blamed Slaughter for all of the drama that’s been going on.

Apryl Jones
(From left) Lil Fizz, Apryl Jones and Jess “Hilarious” Moore. (Photo: VH1 screenshot)

LHHH” viewers, on the other hand, jumped to Slaughter’s defense and slammed the other cast mates for trying to paint the singer as the “bad guy.”

“Are they really blaming moniece for that Hot mess express 🙄@moniece_slaughter you have spoken nothing but facts they full of bulls–t all they lies always come out tho. Jess-a-f–kin liar!”

“It crazy how yall still end up blaming monice for everything 😭🤦🏽‍regardless of Moniece’s motives, let’s face the reality that she did NOT force Jessica to say those things about her so called friend. How did Jessica even feel comfortable “venting” with her friends enemy!?”

“Apryl wanna talk about LOYALTY? Girl byeeeee 😷 u f–ked ur boyfriend’s bandmate nasty. And ummm Moniece did not FORCE Jess to say what she said! Ya’ll need to redirect that anger at the right person. None of that was Moniece’s fault, periodt.”

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