See The Photo of Alexis Skyy That Has fans Saying ‘Whoa’


If Alexis Skyy‘s Instagram photos were music singles, she’d have a lot of No. 1 hits.

That’s because the “Love & Hip-Hop” member has been posting Instagram photos of herself daily, and they’ve been getting tons of attention from her followers. A lot of the fellas also hurled their shots at Skyy and asked her out in the comments.

The latest pic that’s got people all hot and bothered shows the 25-year-old in a multicolored bodysuit. The outfit also has handprints all over it, with a unique black and white design wedged in between.

“W0AH 😏😏 Outfit,” wrote Skyy next to the photo. And her followers weighed in afterward, mostly with positive reviews.

“WOAH IS CORRECT😭😍😍😍😍😍,” one of them wrote.

“You just keep getting better!😍,” a second person commented.

“Beautiful Lady. Those colors look very nice on youπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️,” another person stated.

“this is so pretty 😍”

And just like the previous photos Sky has been sharing in recent days, people said they loved the new one and told her that she had impeccable style. Others, meanwhile, asked her out on a date.

“Come to Selma Al and let me cook for you,” one guy wrote underneath the new photo.

@alexisskyy_ Instagram

Shortly after the New York native shared the pic in the bodysuit, she posted a video of herself sporting long auburn-colored hair that people also seemed to love.

“U are the baddest 😍,” someone wrote beneath that clip.

“That color on you yaaaas,” another person stated.

“My favorite color on you,” wrote someone else.

Posted on Sunday, the bodysuit photo has almost 90,000 views already, but it’s been beaten by the hair video, which received nearly 170,000 views in just 18 hours.

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