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‘Suck It Up!’: Whoopi Goldberg Quickly Shuts Down Trump Jr.’s Attempt to Compare Obama’s Treatment as President to His Dad

In a tense discussion on “The View,” Donald Trump Jr. proclaimed that the level of scrutiny his father President Donald Trump faces surpasses what former President Barack Obama encountered — and host Whoopi Goldberg wouldn’t stand for it.

Trump Jr. visited the morning panel show Thursday to promote his new book “Triggered.” He appeared with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle by his side who began spouting off facts about how much criticism President Trump has received.

whoopi goldberg donald trump jr.
Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump Jr. (Photo: The View/ABC)

“Ninety-three percent negative coverage in the mainstream media about President Trump,” Guilfoyle says Nov. 7. “They don’t want to talk about the successes.”

As the former Fox News host explained how much she knows the family, Goldberg exclaimed, “Suck it up, suck it up!”

“In all fairness, for eight years of Obama, there was zero criticism of anybody,” Trump Jr. said.

“I’m sorry. Now, what you can’t do is you can’t change the past,” Goldberg said, taking back the reins of the conversation amid some crosstalk. “Obama became president and the first thing that was said to him was, ‘We’re gonna make sure that you’re a one-term president.’ We’re not gonna do anything to help — wait, wait! I just want to say, who said it? I believe [Kentucky Republican Sen.] Mitch McConnell said it.

“And that, you can look up! I’m just saying to you. … This is part of being president!” she continued as Trump Jr. tried to get a word in. “Listen, part of being president is having a pair that can take whatever heat comes towards you.”

“No sitting president has taken the heat that Donald Trump has taken,” the book author managed to say.

“That is bulldog! That is bulldog!” Goldberg emphatically replied.

After the show returned from a commercial break, the tense chat continued with things growing so heated that Golberg pulled the plug on things prematurely. Just as Guilfoyle launched into a defense of the Trump family character, Goldberg decided she had enough.

“I will just say this because it is the end of the show,” she said in the video below to a confused set of co-hosts who noted 15 minutes remained in the program.

“It’s the end of this show,” Goldberg said, clarifying that she meant Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle were being shown the door.

The discussion — which also saw Trump Jr. mentioning Goldberg once said director Roman Polanski sexually assaulting a minor “wasn’t ‘rape-rape'” and caused Goldberg to charge, “I guess it is the fight you wanted!” — led viewers to sound off on Twitter.

“That episode of #theview today was like watching a wrestling match I thought Whoopi was gonna get off the table and strangle Donald trump Jr.”

“If anyone wants a good laugh, watch Donald Trump Jr., and his girlfriend on the View. All he did was talk over everyone, Whoopi had to try to stop him. He was and always will be such an axx hole. So embarrassing. He was booed also.”

“‘I guess this is the fight you wanted!!!’ Whoopi isn’t taking any of this bulls–t! Yes!! Donald Trump Jr. is shutting up too, but I bet he’s gonna have a lot to say on Twitter! #TheView.”

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