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Tamron Hall Sends the Internet into a Frenzy After Releasing Flirty Email from Prince

Tamron Hall has talked about the close relationship she had with Prince in the past, but she’s never shared one of the messages they exchanged.

The former “Today” host spoke with Dan Piepenbring earlier this week on “The Tamron Hall” show, who co-wrote Prince’s new posthumous memoir “The Beautiful Ones.” And during the conversation, she talked about her photo being used for the late singer’s 2015 single “If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.”

“Prince called me every single morning to critique or give feedback on what I would wear,” Hall explained. “I sent him a selfie one day, and he then stole my selfie and used it as the cover for his single. I woke up the next morning, and people were like, ‘You’re all over the internet. You’re on the cover of Prince’s song ‘If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.’”

Hall then shared an email she and the “Purple Rain” singer exchanged, and it’s clear that he was flirting with her.

“Eye hate ur red dress… Y? Because it’s touching ur body and eye’m not :(” the email read.

People had a lot to say after a clip of Hall’s Prince segment was shared on YouTube, and some were impressed by the Purple One’s come-on line.

“i hate that dress. Because it’s touching u and I’m not. Thats game,” someone wrote.

“Very cool Prince story, Tamron,” another person stated.

“Prince definitely loved the ladies!” a third person chimed in. “He played the field most of his life from all that I can gather. LOL.”

It’s been over three years since the Purple One passed away at the age of 57 in his home state of Minnesota, which set off international mourning.

After his death, Hall said she talked to him for a long period of time just days prior. Prince died Thursday, April 21, 2016, and Hall spoke to him that previous Saturday.

“He assured me he was OK,” Hall told NBC News then. “All Saturday he kept saying he was fine and asked me to come to Paisley to see his new piano and for a fan party. I was working and didn’t go.”

“Monday, we exchanged emails after I sent him a video from a restaurant playing a song. I talked about how he was everywhere I go. It was a sweet moment and I had no idea it would be our last time talking. I never imagined it.”

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