‘Even the Baby Was Laughing’: Cynthia Bailey Admits She’s ‘Thirsty’ After Kenya Moore Confronts Her Over Relationship With Mike Hill


Cynthia Bailey is an engaged woman now, but that wasn’t always the case when she first started bragging about heading down the aisle with Mike Hill. And in a sneak peek of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 premiere, Kenya Moore is calling her pal on the carpet.

“OK, you need to stop with the whole ‘getting ready to get engaged,'” Moore tells Bailey after she says she and her broadcaster beau are about to become betrothed.

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cynthia bailey
Cynthia Bailey (left) and Kenya Moore (right). (Photo: Bravo)

“We are! I wanna be engaged! I wanna marry him!” responds Bailey, looking confused.

“I’m just saying let the man propose when he’s ready,” Moore replies.

“He is going to propose!” Bailey states.

“Then let him! Why do you keep talking about it?” her pal shoots back before Bailey responds swiftly, “Because I like talking about it!”

But up until that point, Hill had not gotten down on one knee. Meanwhile, Moore pointed out Bailey’s Instagram Story in which she teased fans that she was shopping for wedding dresses. It turned out that she was getting a bridesmaid gown for a pal’s wedding on Memorial Day weekend.

“You are not engaged!” Moore asserts in the footage.

“Oh, you’re already looking at dresses and he didn’t propose. … That’s coming off thirsty,” Bailey responds, fed up with the talk of her eagerness. “Yes! I am thirsty! I’m marrying this man, y’all’s behinds are going to be happy about it and leave me alone! Oh my God!”

The moment left fans cracking up, and they even remarked about how Moore’s daughter Brooklyn, who was with her mom in the scene, giggled too.

“’Yes I am thirsty’ 😂😂”

“Haha these two are funny 😄”

“Why the baby started laughing tho when cynthia said that🤣🤣🤣😭”

“That was so cute even the baby was laughing 😂”

Still, others felt Moore seriously had a point.

“I’m so Kenya in this situation lmao.”

“I’m happy for Cynthia, but I feel she should slow things down a bit‼️ I mean how long have her and Mike been dating?…”

“Cynthia is toooooo thirsty and needy… she is going to run him away because she acting too desperate .. girl please slow it down mike is going to get board really quick. Let him express hisself more to you in public than you do about him.”

Moore isn’t the only friend of Bailey’s who has voiced concern that she went overboard with the engagement chatter.

Kandi Burruss told People TV’s “Reality Check” in July that she’s told the now-engaged model she was “doing the most online, popping up pictures in the wedding shop before the wedding has been had.”

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