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‘Best Natural Body’: Angela Simmons Sets Social Media Ablaze With Enticing Snakeskin Photo

Growing Up and Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons left social media users stunned with her latest sexy uploads.

The television personality put her curvaceous figure on display to her six million followers and nearly left them speechless. She took to Instagram on Tuesday, Oct. 29, and uploaded a few photos of herself posted up in a forest near Tulum, Mexico, for a photo shoot.

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Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons. (Photo: @angelasimmons/Instagram via photographer @meech213/Instagram)

She wore a lime green snakeskin top, matching blazer and black bikini bottoms. Her wavy wet tresses fell below her navel as she posed seductively in front of the camera, baring her thighs and backside. Feeling extremely confident, Simmons captioned one of her post, “One side of me 🧚🏾‍♂️” and added in another, “con·fi·dence/ˈkänfədəns/ * a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.”

Her post racked up over 82,000 likes and a slew of comments.

“That Snake Can Bite ME ANYDAY 😍🔥 I’m turning this into an big ass POSTER for my living room wall. Luv u bae”

“Let me just taste it one time you’re my major league lady that I dream of calling me baby 😍😲”

“Dammmmmmmmmmn u fine I want u all to myself OMG it’s not fair got all dat on display and can’t get a sample 👀👅”

“Sis straight killed this!! 🗣🔥 I love how confident she is. Best natural body hands down 👑”

Simmons’ took her confident nature to the next level this week when she shared a photo of herself semi-nude. She posed on a wooden bench with her legs crossed and her wavy tresses covering her exposed areas.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons. @angelasimmons and photographer @meech213/Instagram

Seemingly firing back at naysayers who’ve criticized her former fashions, Simmons captioned her post, “You accuse her of being ill-dressed. I agree. Clothes don’t become her. I’m not what I wear, I’m not what I don’t wear. I am Who I am regardless .. take it or leave it.”

In September 2018, the 32-year-old star launched a social campaign titled Pressure Makes Diamonds, which helps teenagers and millennial women overcome hardships by building up their confidence.

The project stems from Simmons’ personal life struggles and pressures that she’s been through, according to an interview she did with Black Enterprise at the time. She also referred to her teenage struggles with body image issues. Simmons said the goal of the campaign was to promote healthier living, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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