‘She Old News’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Ceaser’s ‘Baby Mama’ After She Comes for Miss Kitty


It looks like Ceaser Emanuel‘s ex-girlfriend Crystal may be beefing with his brand ambassador Miss Kitty, and “Black Ink Crew” viewers aren’t having it.

Earlier this season, Crystal revealed to Emanuel that she planned on undergoing plastic surgery to reconstruct her jawline. She said her confidence plummeted after she and the “Black Ink” boss broke up years ago, following the birth of their now-teenage daughter Cheyenne.

“I don’t feel pretty,” she told Emanuel during the August 21 episode. “I try to fix myself up and I still have an issue with the way I look. … I feel like I’m by myself.”

Well, it seems Crystal found a new set of confidence following her jaw surgery and apparently wants to win back her ex Emanuel.

Ceaser Emanuel
Crystal (left) and Miss Kitty (right). (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

During the teaser for the Oct. 30 episode, Crystal hinted to one of Emanuel’s employees that she wanted to reconcile with him and possibly give their relationship another go. There’s only one issue: Crystal and Miss Kitty, who has an off-and-on relationship with Emanuel, seemed to be friends, or at least that’s what viewers thought.

Amid the “Black Ink” owner’s launch party for the Brooklyn shop, Crystal unveiled her new jawline and apparently expressed her feelings for Emanuel. According to the teaser, Miss Kitty then walked out of the party, while Crystal seemingly chased her and yelled, “How you like me now, b–tch? You leaving?” She then added, “Why you running like a little girl?”

Kitty, however, seemingly didn’t pay Crystal much mind.

Ceaser Emanuel and his ex-girlfriend Crystal. (Photos: @blackink/Instagram, VH1 screen grab)

Black Ink Crew” viewers sided with Miss Kitty and slammed Crystal for apparently popping off on her.

“Wasn’t Crystal and kitty cool? They was together when Caesar got locked up. Now she want to fight her. She old news I hope Kitt whoop her 👏👏”

“I’m so confused as to why Crystal has a problem with Kitty. There were never any signs of drama. So she needed a new jaw to be bold to fight over a baby dad that’s she hasn’t been with in how long??? Girl bye you a whole baby mama stay in ya place…”

“Y’all better leave @itskitsovain aloneeeeee!!!!! Don’t play her!! She don’t bother NOBODY 🙄. Crystal grown ass lady chasing Kitty down the street. For what. Ceas don’t want her he and Kitty got mutual feelings for each other. Bye Crystal!”

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