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‘Woke Garbage’: Fanboys Don’t Like HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Because It Deals With Race and White Supremacy

A lot of people who say they’re original fans of the comic book series “Watchmen” don’t like HBO’s version, which stars Regina King. Because it’s dealt with race and white supremacy so far.

There’s also a huge discrepancy between many of the professional critic reviews on websites and what fans have to say about the show. The original “Watchmen” story was crafted by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins in the 1980s for a limited DC Comics series.

The HBO show takes place in modern-day Tulsa, Oklahoma, three decades after the original story. And King’s character Detective Angela Abar goes after a white supremacist gang called the 7th Kavalry.

The storyline also takes place a century after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, a real-life event that occurred from May 31 to June 1 of that year. At that time, white mobs attacked the homes and businesses of an affluent black district in Tulsa called Greenwood, otherwise known as Black Wall Street.

The massacre is called the worst case of racial violence in the history of the United States.

Aside from 35 city blocks, as well as 600 black businesses and a hospital being destroyed by fire, the attack killed about 300 people, with 90 percent of them being black folks.

As for the HBO series, the critic score on Rotten Tomatoes is at 98 percent, but it’s only 43 for the audience reviews. And on Metacritic, a similar review site, the scores from critics are at 85 and the user score is 6.1.

Some don’t care for the HBO series “Watchmen,” featuring Regina King (above), because it’s dealt with race so far this season. (Photo: Leon Bennett/WireImage via Getty Images)

Besides white supremacy being addressed in the series, there’s also a scene where King’s character gets some racist treatment from a child at her son’s school on career day. And all of that was just too much for some viewers.

“Show is boring and trite. They tried to turn a great comic into woke left fantasy,” wrote someone on Metacritic. 

“Did they really have to choose the Watchmen franchise to make just another modern propaganda piece?” another person asked. “This show has nothing to do with the original comic or movie. The original was not about race or gender.”

“This is just another propaganda tv show… they turned watchmen into another nonsensual story about genders and racism that has nothing to do with an original comics,” a third person commented. “Just another piece that trys to bait reviewers and drive wedge into the society.”

“Woke garbage that wine aunts and affluent liberals will pleasure themselves to,” another person stated.

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