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‘She Got Strong Toes’: Ciara’s Photo Shoot Derailed When Fans Zero In on Her Feet

A new set of photos Ciara recently posted left fans oohing and ahhing for decidedly different reasons.

The singer, who just celebrated her 34th birthday, posed in a busty and leg-baring outfit Monday that rocked her fans’ worlds.

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No caption was needed as the singer rocked a black V-neck spaghetti-strapped crop top, matching miniskirt, and a motorcycle jacket that hung off her shoulders, just hugging her arms. CiCi’s long hair ran down her arm as she stood proudly in super skinny high heels.

Ciara. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

Many of the “Set” singer’s fans began virtually salivating over her ‘fit.


“Bad is when you capable of beating the baddest 😍❤️”

“I just licked my screen 😩👅😍😛”

But then, things went sideways once fans zoomed in on the lowest of her extremities.

“@omarbougayou i hate her toes bro 🤣”

“I love Ciara but she got some Strong Toes”

“@bleek_904 Strong toes, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, back and probably some other areas, but I digress! 😄😄” someone replied.

“So nobody noticed the toes🤔”

“Love her hate her feet”

“I hate red nail polish…. with a passion u better have the most beautiful feet if WEARING that idgaf n she does not…….”

Ciara’s feet may not fit the bill for some of her fans, but they go a long way to support her 5-foot-7 frame. Yet the singer has not always been the most secure with her height, something of which she once said to Refinery 29 UK people often mistake her for being “way taller than I am.”

“I haven’t always been confident,” she admitted to W magazine. “I’ve definitely had to have self-talks because before I was grown up, I was one of those girls where my body developed a bit behind. I was really tall, very muscular. I used to walk with my back hunched over a bit because I was so insecure about being tall. My confidence, as far as me accepting myself physically, kind of happened later for me.

“Once I got older, I realized it’s actually cool to embrace all of these things that I thought were flaws,” she continued. “When you get more comfortable, you realize that none of that stuff is changing, so the last thing you want to do is walk around being worried about it. Embrace what you have — that is part of loving yourself, and understanding the power of loving yourself is game-changing. Once I did that, my confidence level went up tremendously.”

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