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‘Well Damn’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Ryan Henry’s New ‘Swole’ Look Has Fans Calling on ‘Baby Jesus’

As if “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry didn’t already have the women swooning, he had the audacity to post an Instagram photo showing off bulging muscles.

“Quick pose earlier on my @chadoyleon @gorillaseason ISH! 😂😩! Upper body finisher with @bishop__don @phoreverim @cofield_advisor,” he captioned Friday.

It clearly gave fans plenty to talk about.

Ryan Henry shows off muscles in new Instagram photo. (Photo: Ryan Henry/ @ryanhenrytattoo)

Some teased.

“Alright photoshop 🙌🏽🔥”


“N—a ain’t had a leg day in weeks 😭😂”

Others, mainly women, gushed.

“Well damn 👀”

“Oh my sweet little innocent baby Jesus”

“Just hurting everybody’s feelings 🤣”

“Baby father”

Henry appears to still be single after he last breakup.

Remember, he and high school sweetheart Rachel Leigh called it quits during the hiatus of season 4 due to his infidelity.

He had an affair with former employee Katrina “Kat” Jackson during season 2 while at a cabin party with the crew, and Leigh eventually found out. 

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He said the tattoo shop, which he opened years ago, was no longer bringing in money like it used to. That meant firing half of his old crew, including Bella, the shop’s assistant, Charmaine Walker, the celebrity concierge and Van Johnson, the shop’s manager.

The apparent ladies’ man also dealt with his fair share of backlash when he wrapped up the season 5 finale by announcing he was shutting down the old 9MAG shop for good.

Ryan Henry shows off his muscles Friday on Instagram and earlier June 23, and fans definitely notice a difference. (Photo by @ryanhenrytattoo / Instagram)

Walker, who with Johnson have been working with Henry since the beginning, broke down in tears when he got the news, and Bella yelled and flipped over a table.

“What about the rest of us who just joined 9MAG Ryan, me and Lea (her toddler daughter) don’t have s–t to do with that,” she said. “I fought for this s–t and you just gone close the s–t. … You got me f–ked up!”

Henry said he had sympathy for Bella “as a single mom,” but not enough to “keep a failing business open” under his name.

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