‘Everything Went Wrong’: Why Brandon T. Jackson Blames ‘Big Momma 3’ for Hurting His Career

The actor and comedian Brandon T. Jackson said the 2011 film “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son” really hurt his career. And he believes it’s all because he wore a dress for his role.

“Big Momma’s House 3,” as the movie is also called, came after 2006’s “Big Momma’s House 2” and the original “Big Momma’s House,” released in the year 2000.

Martin Lawrence starred in all three films as FBI agent Malcolm Turner, who goes undercover as a woman in her senior years. Turner played his stepson Trent Pierce in the third release, who also had to go undercover as a woman.

Jackson sat down for an interview with Comedy Hype that was published on Monday and explained how he believes his career went downhill due to the film.

“First of all, no offense, the movie wasn’t that good, to me. It wasn’t a prolific film,” he stated. “I sound so mean, like, ‘Oh, you should be grateful for it,’ but I’m real. It wasn’t the best movie. … I did it for the money and to work with Martin Lawrence.”

The Detroit native then talked about dressing as a woman in the film, and how he was told by fellow comedian Katt Williams not to take the role because of it.

Jackson was also leery of signing on because he said considering Lawrence wore a dress in the first “Big Momma’s House” movies and Robin Williams did the same in the 1993 film “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the idea was overdone.

The 35-year-old then said he believes he was cursed for taking the role and so was Lawrence. “Everything went wrong when I put on that dress,” Jackson explained.

“Even Martin, things went wrong when he did it too. For me, once I put the dress on and I had that fire, that fire was put out. But then Tyler Perry did it, he got stronger. I don’t know the rules,” he added.

Next, according to IMDb, Jackson will be playing in an upcoming film called “Trap City,” and another one called “Celibate,” and both are said to still be in production.

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