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Emasculating The Black Male: 15 Actors Who Wore a Dress For Success

Comedian Dave Chappelle explains the problem to talk show host Oprah Winfrey.



Who: Eddie Murphy

When: 1996 and 2007

Movie: The Nutty Professor and Norbit

Roles: Eddie Murphy is well-known for dressing up and physically transforming into his characters, especially women. Murphy played two women in The Nutty Professor where he performed a total of seven roles. But his most questionable female character portrayal was rowdy Rasputia from the movie Norbit, who Murphy played as grossly overweight, wearing dresses and bikinis.



Who: Jamie Foxx

When: April 1990 to  May 1994

TV Show: In Living Color

Roles: Before he was an Academy Award-winning actor, Jamie Foxx would wear drag to entertain audiences. During his time on the hit television show In Living Color, Foxx dressed up as the character Wanda in comedy skits.

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