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‘Imma Need to Unfollow Your Ass’: Cynthia Bailey Drums Up Envy From Fans After They Catch Her in Compromising Position

Cynthia Bailey continues to prove that her age has had zero impact on her looks.

The 52-year-old star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” uploaded a smiley photo in which she was lying on her back on a sofa with her arms above her head and her legs bent up in front of her.

cynthia bailey
Cynthia Bailey. (Photo: @cynthiabailey10/Instagram)

“good morning!” read the caption of the black one-piece swimsuit-clad model’s photo. Bailey’s swimwear had two mesh stripes going across it and the positioning of her figure meant her stretch marks were on display.

Fans began complimenting the star for embracing her imperfections.

“Your tiger stripes are beautiful @cynthiabailey10”

“Ok cynthia with the tiger stripes @cynthiabailey10 get back to your squats 😊😊😊”

But not everyone was quite as complimentary — at least not on the face of their comments. Several fans were wowed that Bailey is giving young girls a run for their money with her toned frame.

“Look imma need to unfollow your ass! I’m 33 and mom of two and my body don’t look a damn near thing like yours!!! Not to mention the grey hairs and wrinkles! You’re messing me up! 🤣🤣 Just as beautiful as ever and younger than yesterday I swear! @cynthiabailey10 happiness and love look so good on you and they are treating your body well girl. ❤️”

“*Nigerian style praise* Cynthia of life, Cynthia Oooh, Cynthia God’s favourite child, you will never age, tell us from what secret fountain you are drinking! Lol. You look amazing Mrs Will. 🔥🔥🔥❤️”

“Uh oh Cyn! I’m tellinnnng Mike.. smile. You look great girl! These youngins think age depletes us and they don’t even know we can fit in with them , our own age , and the older than us crowd! BOOM!”

Bailey is no stranger to getting fans hot and bothered, and the same goes for her fiancé Mike Hill. Even when she’s not in swimwear, the model has the ability to put her man on high alert for her figure-hugging looks. Case in point was when Bailey shared a photo of herself looking out at a body of water in Greece back in September.

Posing facing away from the camera with her hands above her head in a flowy, multi-colored dress, Bailey simply tagged her man in the caption and wrote, “#CHill @itsmikehill.”

Hill caught the memo and commented that he was “Zooming in!!” on Bailey’s body.

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