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‘BEYONCEE!??!?!’: Kenya Moore Now Has Proof She Can Actually Be Mistaken for Queen Bey

Kenya Moore once said she gets mistaken for Beyoncé, and while many of her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars didn’t believe her, she may have proved them wrong with a recent photo.

“I got your back 🖤” Moore captioned the Oct. 21 photo snapped in the New York City Center theater.

kenya moore
Kenya Moore. (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

In no time, fans began complimenting the single mom on her appearance.

“Love that dress beautiful ❤️”

“You’re my inspiration!! Gorgeous!!😍😍🔥❤️❤️”

“Sickening!!! The Queen has returned! We’ve missed you so!”

And then, her followers remarked that she looked like a certain superstar performer.

“Swear I thought this was a picture of Beyoncé!”

“@uniquelyki_ @thekenyamoore KEYONCÉ 👌🔥” someone replied.

Moore also commented, “😝 🙏🏾”


“@anotherblacguy She has NOTHING on @thekenyamoore !” another fan replied.

“Looking like Beyoncé forreal on this picture”

Moore gabbed on “RHOA” season 5, that she’s frequently mistaken for “The Lion King” star.

“I’m checking out and the guy goes, ‘Um, can I ask you a question? Are you Beyoncé? Every day somebody thinks I’m Beyoncé!” she said to her disbelieving cast members. “I was at the inauguration [of President Barack Obama in 2008] and it was, like 100 people in line trying to take pictures with me. It went from five people to six people to 10 people to 100 people wanting my autograph and take photos. I’m thinking, ‘These people don’t know me. I’m sure of it.'”

Moore later provided more proof of her likeness to Bey when she posted footage of her doing the singer’s iconic “Single Ladies” dance to her Instagram page last spring.

“#throwbackthursday this never gets old LOL First rehearsal for my #gonewiththewindfabulous video where I pay homage to the queen @beyonce #kenyamoore #beyonce #dance #tbt,” she captioned the clip.

Indeed, Moore released the music video for “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” in 2013, which saw her recreate the leotard-clad black-and-white video Bey made famous. It also saw the former Miss USA sign autographs writing Keyoncé on Polaroid pictures.

But while Moore may have embraced getting mixed up with Bey in her video, she told Global Grind she finds it “so odd and bizarre” that folks make the mistake in real life.

“I don’t think we look anything alike,” she said before describing her song as “an anthem to all of those people who have haters or people who doubt them or say nasty things to them to make them feel little.”

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