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‘Made Me Cry’: DaBaby Helps Homeless Mother By Giving Her $1000, Boosting Her Knitted Hat Business

DaBaby helped out a homeless mom in a major way, and a video of it went viral.

The kind act went down on Thursday while the rapper hosted a pop-up shop inside the store Pure Atlanta in Atlanta’s Lenox Square mall. At one point, Amanda Rose, 23, approached DaBaby with her son Nick and told him that she’s been living in her car with no place to stay.

DaBaby gave a homeless mother $1,000 to help her out. (Photo: Carmen Mandato / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

She also waited to see the “Under the Sun” rapper for three hours before meeting him.

But Rose didn’t want an autograph or to simply gush over the North Carolina native, she saw the meeting as a prime opportunity for her hat business Lovely Stitching and asked him if he wanted to make a purchase.

“It took a lot for me to come here,” she told him.

DaBaby then walked over to the counter and started to peel off a bunch of bills, which ended up being $1,000. He also didn’t take one of the hats and told her to keep them instead.

“Don’t worry about it,” he told Rose as she started to cry. “Keep this and sell them to somebody else.”

According to Rose, her hat business has picked up tremendously since DaBaby posted their meeting to his 6.3 million Instagram followers. And she now has 4,000 orders, which is vastly different from the three to four orders per month that used to come in.

Rose also just built a website to accommodate all the new sales, and she’s working towards getting herself and Nick an apartment.

DaBaby captioned the video “GODs WORK. No recognition needed.” But he received a lot of credit for his act anyway.

“Yes the real goat ❤️,” someone wrote.

“Made me cry that’s beautiful,” another person commented.

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