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You Won’t Believe Which Mogul Sent This ’90s Girl Group to Beat Wendy Williams ‘Ass’

Wendy Williams knows a thing or two about how your radio show or podcasting can lead to real-life clashes.

On “The Wendy Williams Show” Wednesday, Williams addressed comedian actress Amanda Seales‘ on-going issues with getting barred from attending an Emmys after party. The talk show host did not believe the “Insecure” star needed to keep addressing her issue weeks after the awards show aired.

“You’re supposed to do better to show ’em later exactly how it’s done,” Williams said.

And she personally knows how discussing things on a show can lead to trouble. Williams explained that during her days in radio, a music mogul “sent his all-girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station.”

“My new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin, he was picking me up. … I’m walking in the elevator with my intern at the time, Skeletor. And I’m like, ‘Why is everybody looking down at the sidewalk?’ … And I get downstairs and find this girl group jumps out of a gypsy cab, come after me to kick my ass. And I’m like ‘For what?’ You know what I said was true, you all are broke and living in the projects! And that was that!

“But the point I’m making is, Amanda — I get back on the radio and talk about it. What I did was desire to do better so I can have a purple chair and talk about it right now and have the whole scene play out in the Lifetime movie. So, Amanda, I’m sorry what happened to you. I need to know more of the story.”

Williams didn’t name names but dedicated fans recalled a much more candid version of the story Williams shared when she was a radio host on WBLS. Back then, Williams made it clear it was the ’90s girl group Total, who were signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, that wanted to square up.

“I love how Wendy was talking about Puff Daddy and Total lol😂😂😂. Tell it, Wendy😂😂😂.”

“I was like….. nahhhhh not the Total incident 🤣😂”

“Yea Finally. I heard about that years ago. Wendy was like fight
..gurl please! Puff so lame for that. Str8 girl!”

“I remember I got off the air [at Hot 97] one day and them Total b—hes were downstairs waiting and everybody downstairs at the radio station is looking down egging it on, waiting for something to go down,” Williams recalled on her early aughts radio show.

The rest of the story goes much like how present-day Williams explained it, except she described estranged husband Kevin Hunter as “my knight in shining armor,” who stopped the scuffle between Williams and Total members Kima Raynor, Keisha Spivey, and Pamela Long. Or, as Williams described them, “three fighting broads.”

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