‘STFU and Let Me Finish’: Meghan McCain’s Numerous Attempts to Stump Susan Rice Don’t Go Unnoticed by Viewers

Meghan McCain repeatedly interrupted former National Security Adviser Susan Rice on “The View” Wednesday as the two debated President Donald Trump‘s move to pull U.S. troops out of northern Syria.

McCain insinuated that Rice, who served in Barack Obama‘s administration, had no room to criticize Trump over the controversial move, considering Obama’s lack of action in Syria during his presidency.

“How do you criticize Trump’s hands-off approach to the Middle East when President Obama, as far as I’m concerned, wasn’t much better?” she asked, pointing to the former POTUS’ decision to withdraw troops from Iraq — a pullout negotiated by his predecessor George W. Bush, a fact McCain did not mention — and his slow response after Syria used chemical weapons on its own citizens.

Rice said she “appreciated” McCain’s question, but said the focus was now on the possible resurgence of ISIS in the region.

“What we’re talking about now is the fight against ISIS, which President Obama initiated in Syria,” the ex-White House official began before being cut off by McCain.

“And he also pulled us out of Iraq, and …” “The View” host chirped.

Briefly pausing, Rice continued her thought and said she would address McCain’s other concerns once she had answered her initial question. Rice further credited Obama with deploying American forces to combat the extremist group — the same troops Trump had just withdrawn.

“It was he who initiated the fight against ISIS, which has successfully been prosecuted. So, that’s one side of the ledger,” she explained to McCain. “The issue you’re referring to, which I write about in my book at length, is — “

Rice was about to make her point, yet was again interrupted by an eager McCain wanting to know what the former official would say to the men, women and children killed in the gas attack in Aleppo under Obama’s watch.

“Let me answer your question,” Rice said dryly. ” Because you asked a very specific question about the chemical weapons.”

The ex-Obama official noted, “I was the one official sitting at the table, the one Cabinet official who actually thought it was a mistake to ask Congress for authorization before using force in Syria … I was the lone dissenting voice.”

Rice said that looking back on it now, she was “right about the politics … but I think I was wrong about the policies.”

“Because at the end of the day, it was possible through diplomacy to get 1,300 metric tons of sarin gas and chemical weapons out of Syria,” she concluded, speaking of the aftermath of the 2013 chemical attack crisis, which saw international partners put pressure on the Syrian government to give up the chemical weapons.

Online, McCain faced backlash for attempting to stump her guest with numerous questions and interruptions.

Susan Rice just told MeAgain to stfu and let me finish….#TheView,” one viewer tweeted.

Meghan, shut up with your hate for Obama,” another opined. “You are angry because he defeated your daddy. #TheView

A fellow user agreed, writing: “Meghan’s main problem with President Obama is a black man beat the breaks off her dad in the presidential election….There, I said…I don’t care if her family adopted 1 or 50 brown children it is what it is PERIOD #TheView


“Wow.. #SusanRice just floored #Meghan .. And she can handle it.. tries to distract & #SusanRice delivers the facts.. #TheView,” someone else wrote.


Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from a northern border of war-torn Syria has drawn rebuke from both sides of the political aisle, with many saying it would open the way for neighboring Turkey to slaughter Kurdish forces, who have done the majority of the fighting in U.S. campaign against ISIS/ISIL.

Watch more in the clip below.

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