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‘I Told Them No’: Wesley Snipes Dislikes the Idea of a ‘New Jack City’ Remake

Wesley Snipes responded to the news that a remake of “New Jack City” is coming, which will be penned by “Snowfall” actor Malcolm M. Mays. Brown played the drug dealer Nino Brown in the 1991 film, who ran the crack trade with his partner Gee Money, played by Allen Payne.

But just like Jada Pinkett Smith, who said she wasn’t fond of a reimagining of “Set It Off” when it was announced that Issa Rae would be co-producing it, Snipes said that he doesn’t like the idea of “New Jack City” being remade. It was something he spoke about during an interview with Shadow & Act.

“Well, you know, word to word, word to bird, I’m not associated with it. I have nothing to do with it at all,” Snipes explained. “I think some things should be left alone. … You know, if it worked at the time, under those circumstances, and the story was built around things that are current.”

“I don’t particularly like the idea of recreating the drug culture,” he added. “For what? They actually talked to me about doing it and I told them no. If I had a dime for every time I’ve said no. It’s a done deal, it’s a wrap.”

Snipes comments seem to echo Charlamagne Tha God‘s words, because he too is against a “New Jack City” remake for more or less the same reason.

According to “The Breakfast Club” host, it wouldn’t make sense to create a sequel because the original was centered around a specific time, as well as the New Jack Swing sound, created by Teddy Riley.

But unlike Snipes, Charlamagne isn’t opposed to another story of a drug dealer being told.

“First of all, I hate to say this, but there’s so many new drug stories you can do,” said Charlamagne last month. “Like, there’s so many different kingpins across the world, especially in the inner cities. There’s other stories to be told.”

But “New Jack City” isn’t the last time Snipes played a drug dealer since he played one in the 2009 film “Brooklyn’s Finest.” In that release, he portrayed the character Casanova “Caz” Phillips, a dealer who was busted by the feds.

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