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‘Everything Don’t Need a Reboot:’ An Updated Version of ‘New Jack City’ Is Coming, But Charlamagne Tha God Isn’t Happy About It

There were some incredible music and movies made in the 1990s, which is often said by anyone old enough to remember or familiar with those releases.

That could be why ’90s remakes have been popping up left and right, like the film “Boomerang” being turned into a BET series, and “Set It Off” being remade for the big screen. Last week it was announced that Issa Rae will produce a “reimagining” of the classic 1996 film that starred Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and others.

Now it’s being reported that a remake of “New Jack City” is coming, the 1991 film that starred people like Ice T, Chris Rock, Vanessa A. Williams and Wesley Snipes as the crime boss Nino Brown.

Warner Bros. made the announcement on Tuesday, according to Deadline, and “Snowfall” actor Malcolm M. Mays has been tapped to write the script. Meanwhile, Doug McHenry who was a producer on the 1991 film, will produce the reboot.

The original, directed by Mario Van Peebles and written by Thomas Lee Wright, follows the story of Brown and Gee Money — played by Allen Payne — getting in on the ground floor of the crack epidemic when it first hit inner cities in the 1980s.

Their eventual success allows them and their Cash Money Brothers crew to run New York City, and Brown becomes a kingpin. Eventually, he and Gee Money have a falling-out, all while law enforcement are closing in on them.

So far a director hasn’t been named, and there’s no release date yet, but some are already saying they don’t want a “New Jack City” reboot.

And one of those people is Charlamagne Tha God, who voiced his opposition to the idea Tuesday on “The Breakfast Club.”

“Classic, classic movie but fart on the idea [of a remake],” he stated. “First of all, I hate to say this, but there’s so many new drug stories you can do. Like, there’s so many different kingpins across the world, especially in the inner cities. There’s other stories to be told.”

“Everything don’t need a reboot,” he added. “‘New Jack City’ is a classic as is. And plus for the time, that whole New Jack Swing era with the music and everything? Nah, leave ‘New Jack City’ alone.”

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