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‘What the Hell?’: Tiny Harris Robbed of 750K Worth of Jewelry, Including Wedding Rings

Tiny Harris was the victim of a robbery when someone broke into her yellow Lamborghini SUV and stole $750,000 worth of jewelry.

According to WSB-TV, the Xscape singer and reality star, who’s also T.I.‘s wife, was having drinks with a friend on Sunday at Bar Amalfi in Atlanta’s Midtown section when it happened.

Tiny Harris had $750,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her Lamborghini SUV in Atlanta, Ga. (Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Harris noticed the stolen jewelry when she returned to her luxury vehicle at 9:45 p.m. and saw that her blue velour bag was missing from the center console. In the end, the thief got away with watches, stud earrings, wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry.

One source, who’s connected to the Atlanta Police Department, said security was at the restaurant when the bag would’ve been stolen, but that person didn’t see anything suspicious. And a second witness said the same. There were also no signs of damage or the Lamborghini being broken into.

But Harris seems to be taking the robbery in stride, at least based on what she posted to Instagram on Monday about attending the celebration for Tyler Perry‘s new film studio on Saturday.

Besides the Harris,’ many of Black entertainment’s elite were there, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson and Viola Davis.

“On a lighter note…this happen the other night!!” wrote Harris next to a photo of herself, T.I., Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. “What better strong, successful black woman/women could I have met!! @oprah & @gayleking Thx to @tylerperry the room was filled with nothing short of incredible Black excellence. Definitely a night to remember 🙏🏽👑❤️🙌🏽.”

“Sorry about you jewelry sis😢,” someone wrote beneath the post.

But others showed a little less sympathy.

“How you going to leave $750,000 worth of jewelry in your car and it Get stolen? What the Hell was you thinking?.!!!!” one person commented.

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