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‘I Get the S*** Out’: Steve Harvey Gives Gut-Busting Lesson on Why Cussing Is Good for Your Health

While Steve Harvey has been advised against swearing in the past, he’s explaining there are actually health benefits for him to keep up the sailor talk.

On his online segment “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” the “Family Feud” host explained he has been trying to scale back on dropping swear words but “it ain’t been working out for me.”

“I like cussin’,” he says. “Cussin’ has kept me healthy. See, I cuss. I don’t have any health issues. I ain’t got high blood [pressure], I ain’t got diabetes, I ain’t got no ulcers I don’t suffer from depression ’cause I get that s–t out! If you locked up in here uptight [it’s] ’cause you got too much pent up in you.”

Harvey went on to say he admires those who can avoid cursing, but he did suggest they drop a few expletives every now and then.

“I recommend you try it, ’cause it releases a lot, especially if you work,” he says.

But while cussing has benefitted Harvey’s health, it’s gotten him into some hot water with his wife Marjorie Harvey. In another “Rolling with Steve Harvey” clip, the comedian shared the story of how getting too carried away with a pal on the phone led his grandson to drop an m-f-bomb. At least, he kind of did, anyway.

“He said, ‘Papa Mofo,’” Steve told the audience of how young Noah answered when his grandma asked what he was up to. Marjorie then confronted Steve about the term, asking her husband what he said.

“I said, ‘I ain’t said s–t!’” Harvey recalled to the crowd. “She said, ‘Steve, you cussing now! He tried to repeat a cuss word!’”

But Steve tried to weasel his way out by reasoning that although Noah tried to say the cuss word, he didn’t actually pronounce it the correct way.

“He left letters out!” Steve told his spouse. “Papa mofo! He don’t know it yet!”

The mix up hasn’t changed his outlook on swearing — even when it comes to parenting. In an old-school clip of Harvey’s stand-up, the comedian explained how it can be beneficial.

“Please listen to me, start cussing at your kids. You get a better reaction from your kids when you cuss at ’em,” he said before explaining how to get your kids to stop jumping on a couch. “Git yo Black ass off that [expletive] couch! And if you white use the same line! … It’s very effective.”

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